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Why Every Patio Should Have A Seating Wall

Why Every Patio Should Have A Seating Wall

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When most people book a hardscape project with us, they struggle to decide if a seating wall is worth the extra cash. Although we’re obviously bias (we LOVE hardscapes), we believe a seating wall is an element that can compliment nearly any backyard. Here are four reasons why you should add a seating wall to your outdoor living space.

1). Seating Walls Are Beautiful

If you’re looking for a statement piece in your backyard, a seating wall is a great option. These structures can be made in a variety of different materials, allowing you to create a unique and custom look.

2). Seating Walls Are Functional

Not only do these structures look great, they’re also highly functional. If you have a slope in your backyard, a retaining wall can be customized to serve as a seating wall.

3). No Need For Chairs!

Let’s face it, once you’ve put all your money into your hardscape project, you probably don’t want to have to buy furniture. In addition, you won’t have to worry about rusty iron or wet cushions. A built-in seating wall is a perfect, low maintenance, and long-term option!

4). Make The Space More Cohesive 

The space will flow better with a seating wall — it really does tie everything together! This is especially true for patios with fire pits.


If you have questions about adding an outdoor living space to your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our designers are truly passionate about the work that they do and they will happily talk to you about your outdoor living plans!

Seating Wall

Above: Stone veneer creates an upscale look.

Above: We can match your seating wall to your stamped concrete!

Above: This Weston seating wall compliments the wood burning fire pit.

Above: This seating wall serves as as safety precaution for this high rise patio.

Above: This paver patio was designed to accommodate a matching seating wall and flower beds.

Above: Columns are easily added to seating walls.

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