Seeing photos of other completed projects can be immensely beneficial when you’re contemplating what kind of renovations you want done. Often times, it can be a determining factor in wondering whether or not an element is the right choice. However, as technology progresses, some contractors are utilizing the talents of their designers to implement 3D renderings of your potential outdoor living space! As fellow homeowners, we understand the benefits that can be had. Here is a list of a few that instantly came to mind:


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Enhanced Communication

Design meetings are extremely helpful in understanding a client’s wishes. With this said, quality mockups and scaled drawings are where you truly find out if you’re on the same page. 3D Renderings augment a designer’s ability to communicate in terms of individual elements and ultimately create satisfied clients!

Visualize Alignment

When it comes down to the technical aspects, it isn’t uncommon to be unaware of the total amount of space. Often times, a visual depiction of the design provides several advantages, especially in ensuring that everything fits on the designated space and maintaining the general flow. Plus, many 3D renderings will implement people in them, so you can picture yourself enjoying the space!

Multiple Perspectives

One characteristic that tends to get overlooked is the opportunity to view your project from different angles. These various visual perspectives can be yet another helpful tool in truly evaluating the overall layout of the project. Not to mention the fact that it’s particularly helpful to hardscape designers in deciding whether or not to provide further suggestions to the homeowners.

No Dreadful Post-Construction Moments

Before signing that check, you’re going to want to be 100% confident in your decision. After all, you want to enjoy your outdoor living space right away and not have to worry about warranty work and what not! 3D renderings are there to eliminate those frustrating times, so you know what you’re getting from the start.

The Person Behind the 3D

A 3D rendering of an outdoor living space shouldn’t be confused with building a house on The Sims! It isn’t nearly that straightforward, otherwise everybody would be doing them! They are nearly always the product of a qualified hardscape designer, who has already completed all the necessary measurements and compiled plans on paper before taking it to the 3D level. Your designer should listen to your aspirations first and then work on utilizing their various skills to bring it to life!

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