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Which Type Of Fire Pit Is Right For You — Gas Or Wood?

Which Type Of Fire Pit Is Right For You — Gas Or Wood?

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With the days getting shorter and the nights getting chillier, it’s the perfect time for spending evenings by the fire. Fireplaces and fire pits are beautiful design features that increase the usability of outdoor living spaces. If your backyard renovation includes a fire element, you’ll have to decide between gas-burning or wood-burning. While both have their benefits, there are a few key points that will quickly help you assess which fire pit option is best for you.

Advantages Of Wood-Burning Fire Pits

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Wood-burning fire pits are an outdoor decor staple. Few things symbolize the arrival of fall quite like the crackling of a campfire. The classic sound and scent add an extra level of coziness to autumn nights. If that doesn’t sell you, here are three more advantages of wood-burning fires:

  1. Ambiance

Wood-burning fireplaces and fire pits take the cake in the character department. The glow and crackle of a wood fire create the perfect environment for telling stories, roasting s’mores, or playing games. The soothing ambiance of wood-burning fires has been enjoyed for millennia, and it continues to be one of the best settings for spending evenings with family.

  1. Simplicity

Minimalistic design is in style, as is the desire for an easygoing way of life. The simplicity of wood-burning fire features perfectly fits the minimalist look and mentality. They are economical, easy to use, require no instruction, and firewood is cost-effective and accessible. These fire pits can be added to pre-existing patios, and they require little to no equipment to operate.

  1. More Warmth

Aside from socialization, warmth is the primary benefit of fire elements; and wood fires produce more heat. If you have a large patio space or frequently host large groups of people, wood-burning fire pits and fireplaces are going to be the most effective heating option.

Advantages Of Gas-Burning Fire Pits

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For those of you seeking a more modern approach to enjoying a blaze, gas is the way to go! These fires provide comfortable warmth without the cleanup or mess control. Gas fire pits can be customized one step further than their wood counterparts with topping mediums like eye-catching glass or earthy lava rock. Their top-selling points are convenience, safety, and lack of smoke.

  1. Convenience

Above all else, gas fireplaces are convenient. They are easy to light and extinguish, and controlling their heat is as simple as turning a knob. With their time-saving technology, you can make an impromptu fire whenever the urge strikes. When the fun is over, extinguishing the flame is safe and quick.

  1. Safety

Many cities and HOAs prohibit wood fires near homes but allow gas fires. Why? Gas flames are less likely to accidentally extend beyond their hearth. This controllability makes them safer in windy conditions.

  1. No Smoke

Unlike wood, gas doesn’t produce smoke. That means you can say goodbye to wayward clouds drifting into your eyes and food, or odors lingering on your clothing and furniture. LP is very clean-burning, so you will not be exposed to any harmful fumes or unpleasant gas smells.

Ready for a Fire Pit?

If you’re ready to upgrade your backyard with a fire pit, or if you need help deciding between gas and wood, our team is at your service! Give us a call at (816) 608-8870, or book an appointment on our website. We’d love to brighten your outdoor space with the perfect fire element for you!

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