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Where Concrete Pools Crumble (and Fiberglass Flourishes)

Where Concrete Pools Crumble (and Fiberglass Flourishes)

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One common denominator for virtually every element that goes into an outdoor living environment is the sheer number of choices. Going hand-in-hand with this, the more choices available simply means the more questions that must be answered. Fire-pit or fireplace? Stamped concrete or pavers? Covered structure or pergola? Concrete or fiberglass? If you’re struggling crafting a vision, don’t worry! Your hardscape designer will ensure your plan meshes and flows with each element incorporated. However, in the meantime, I’ll tackle one of the major players in pools and expose some of it’s undercover flaws.

2 Months to Swim?

Implementing a revamped outdoor living project sounds awesome until you get down to the fine print. Concrete pools can take up to two months to install. In other words, expect to get to know the construction team because they’ll be there for awhile! If are you choosing to take this route, be prepared to plan ahead, so your project is ready for the summer months. A major factor of the increased time is the need to wait for the concrete to properly cure. Be mindful of this and don’t hesitate to ask your contractor plenty of questions ahead of time.

(Fiberglass? Under the correct circumstances, the project can be completed in 2 weeks or less.)

Plenty of Maintenance (and Future Costs)

One of the major downfalls of concrete pools is the need for maintenance. This can be broken up into two categories: (1) chemical usage and (2) day-to-day duties. There’s no getting around the fact that concrete pools simply require more chemicals and a heavier filtration system to ward off the algae (primarily due to their porous surface). While algae of all kinds is a major issue, it’s the “black algae” that’s worrisome for concrete pool owners. Black algae is typically present just on concrete pools because of their rough surface. Once it’s there, it provides a serious threat threat of staining the surface. There’s no doubt you’ll find yourself enjoying the pool no matter which option you choose, but who wants to deal with the daily and weekly tasks that accompany a pool. With concrete, be prepared for some frequent surface sweeping sessions!

(Fiberglass? Thanks to its gel coat surface being nonporous, algae won’t be growing and sanitizing chemicals used are kept to a minimum.)

Ever-Growing Price Tag

When it comes to initial costs, fiberglass pools are usually comparable to concrete pools and higher than vinyl liner options. Any favorable upfront costs related to concrete are sure to be made up for in the coming years. One of the primary underlying expenses will be the need to resurface your pool about 10 years down the road. Don’t forget the re-tiling that will need to be done at the same time. This process alone can set you back ten-thousand and start to make that initial price tag look like an after-thought.

(Fiberglass? What you see is what you get! Fiberglass shells are built to last for the long haul. In fact, Hinkle Hardscapes’ fiberglass pools are accompanied by a lifetime warranty!)

Fiberglass: The Next Big Thing

Back in 1940, revolutionary pool architect Philip Ilsley built the first gunite pool and pegged it the “people’s pool.” For good measure, it has lived up to this name, but is it still truly the “people’s pool?” As we all know, every great invention is prone to future competition. Fiberglass, with its bevy of unique advantages, is truly becoming the next major player in the pool world. They’re quick to install, cheaper, and low maintenance. This is part of the reason why they’ve taken the Midwestern market by storm.

A Further Comparison

If you want to dive a little deeper into your pool options, review the chart below. As you can see, fiberglass really is a great option for homeowners.

Thinking about including a fiberglass pool in your next project? Our designers love to take on these type of projects and can’t wait to hear what Kansas City homeowners have in mind. Give us a call today and get started!

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