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What You Need To Know About Fiberglass Pools

What You Need To Know About Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

Dreaming of summer days? Wondering how you’re going to stay cool? Wanting a pool to make your backyard the perfect entertaining space for parties? We’re here to help you realize that those dreams are within reach — the installation of fiberglass pools is now easier, quicker, and better than ever.

If this is the year that you decide to dive into the wonderful world of pool ownership, take these things into consideration to make your backyard a real splash.

Pool Types

There are three pool options – liner, gunite, and fiberglass. Liner pools are the most affordable in-ground pool option; however, that doesn’t mean that they are superior. Liner pools require frequent maintenance and replacement over time. Gunite pools are the most expensive. They have the longest installation and wait time, and their bottoms tend to crack due to seasonal soil changes. Inground fiberglass pools provide the best of all worlds, offering durability, affordability, gorgeous designs, and more.

You Don’t Have To Wait Months

The biggest turn-off of installing a pool is the wait. For many potential pool owners, the thought of going through weeks of digging and construction can be deflating. The good news is, the process is not nearly as long as most people believe. Once it begins, you’ll be amazed at how quickly (and easily) your dream becomes a reality.

Some pools do indeed take months to install. After all, it takes time to hire a contractor, plan, and get to work. The longest part of the project comes with pouring concrete or installing a liner. Luckily, fiberglass pools don’t require either. That is because they are a singular piece that gets lifted and settled into a pre-dug hole. Much quicker than watching concrete dry!

The best contractor will not only help you through design and construction; they will know the ins-and-outs of permitting and be able to navigate any red tape that may arise prior to digging. Once excavation begins on a fiberglass pool project, you’ll be swimming in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Fiberglass Makes Everything Better

Unfortunately, picking a pool is not as easy as walking into a store and comparing different brands. You can’t try one out for a week and then make your decision. Material matters, and fiberglass is the best option for your pool. With fiberglass, installation is quicker, operating costs are lower, and the material itself is superior when it comes to maintenance and longevity.

Fiberglass pools don’t require months of planning and prepping before installation. The entire process – digging the hole, setting the pool, and pouring the coping – can take as little as five days, with most being able to swim before the week is up. No worrying about construction workers and clutter taking up your yard space for an extended amount of time.

Choosing fiberglass gives you the most significant maintenance break of all materials. It never needs to be replaced, patched, or resurfaced. As an additional bonus, high-quality fiberglass pools are warrantied for life. If you want beauty, value, and quality that lasts, fiberglass is the pool for you.

Completing Your Poolscape

Setting a pool in the middle of your yard does not prevent future hardscaping. In fact, it is an excellent starting point. You’re adding a centerpiece to your yard; a pivoting display that looks amazing in the sunshine and calming at night with lights glowing underwater. Complete the area with an outdoor kitchen or grill station. Or perhaps you’d like to add a small gondola to accent a corner.

If you want to learn more about the pool installation process, or if you’re ready to get started; give us a call at (816) 608-8870 or book an appointment on our website. We’ll be happy to show you just how exciting and painless a fiberglass pool installation can be!

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