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What is the Average Cost of Building a Patio Cover?

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Understanding the financial side of a home renovation project can be daunting, and it’s no different when it comes to constructing a patio cover. Let’s learn and explore the key elements that determine the average cost of building a patio cover.

How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?

Whether you’re envisioning a deck cover, a covered deck, or a covered patio, it’s essential to know that the cost primarily depends on the premium nature of the materials and the scope of the work. If you’re aiming for a high-end finish, you can expect to set aside between $50,000 to $100,000.

However, if you’re more inclined toward an economical option, you might be looking at an average cost between $40,000 to $80,000. Keep in mind, though, the size of the project and the intricacies involved will inevitably influence these figures.

What Factors Affect the Average Cost of Building a Patio Cover?

Designing your dream patio involves various stages that, collectively, can impact the cost. These stages include planning, architectural design adjustments, engineering, and permitting.

Initial Planning and Design

The initial planning phase requires meticulous preparation where a draft plan needs to be designed, possibly through a CAD system. This plan is then passed on to our architect who fine-tunes it, ensuring the design aligns perfectly with your vision.

Engineering Phase

Once the design is settled, it moves on to the engineering stage. At this point, there may be several adjustments depending on whether the patio is being tied into an existing structure, like your house or roof. Specific factors, such as the sizes of lumber, fasteners, piers, and other elements that arise during this phase, could add to the overall cost.

Permitting Process

After the engineering phase, the project must be permitted. This step involves submitting your engineered plans to your local city authority, which adds another layer of cost and time to the project.

DIY or Hire a Pro: Which is the Better Option?

Embarking on a DIY journey for building your patio cover could seem like a more cost-effective choice initially. However, navigating through the complex process of engineering and permitting may be challenging if you’re not familiar with these processes.

Additionally, the construction phase is filled with its own set of challenges, including inspections on peering, roof tie-ins, framing, and potential electrical and plumbing installations. These intricate processes mirror those of building a house, making it a daunting task for a DIY-er.

This brings us to the ultimate question: should you DIY or hire a pro?

Hiring a Pro is the Best Decision for Building Your Patio Cover

As professionals in the field, we at Hinkle Outdoor Living often say, “Everything costs the same in the end.” If you attempt a DIY project and it goes south, having it rectified by professionals will likely result in you spending the same, if not more, money than you would have if you had initially hired a pro.

As a licensed Class C general contractor, we are qualified to build houses, covered structures, decks, and pool installations, ensuring that your patio cover project is in the best hands possible. We are also licensed in almost every city, enabling us to secure the necessary permits for your project seamlessly.

Benefits of Working with a Professional

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional contractor is the warranty that comes with our work. If something goes wrong, such as leaks appearing after the first rain, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a team of experienced professionals will promptly address it, preventing late-night anxieties over unexpected mishaps.


Determining the average cost of building a patio cover involves a series of intricate factors, from the design and engineering process to the choice between a DIY or professional approach. It’s crucial to factor in these elements when budgeting for your patio cover construction. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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