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Top 5 Hardscape Elements Clients Regret Skipping

Top 5 Hardscape Elements Clients Regret Skipping

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Our design team works hard to create beautiful spaces that will be functional and long lasting. Once our designers send out their proposals, they often have clients that second guess certain elements. Sure, you don’t need all the bells and whistles— but some are definitely worth the splurge. To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of the top 5 elements our clients regret skipping.

1). A Larger Patio Area

We see it time and time again. Many of our clients wish they would have purchased a little extra square footage. When homeowners embark on an outdoor living project, one of their main goals behind it is to create a space where they can build long-lasting memories. While decreasing the overall size of the patio is an easy way to trim down the total cost, it also diminishes the room for enjoyment. If you are unsure if you have enough space, we encourage all clients to lay out their project. Nothing beats a visual representation!

2). Fire Pit

After living in Kansas City for awhile, you’re sure to quickly recognize how the temps can jump up and down. Every outdoor retreat should be functional for as many months as possible. Even when the weather dips down into the 50’s, you should still be able to enjoy your revamped space. Fire pits can be the perfect solution! At the same time, if you ask any of our hardscape designers, they’re sure to tell you that fire pits can be the perfect complement to any patio style. From pavers to stamped concrete, fire pits fit in every time!

3). Seating Wall

Seating walls are typically the first thing to go when clients are trying to cut costs from their bid. Seating walls are definitely not a necessity, but they do make your outdoor living space much more functional. Seating walls offer a permanent solution as opposed to patio furniture. Not to mention, they don’t take up nearly as much space as your standard set of chairs. If you’re looking to maximize your space, and increase the functionality of your patio, don’t skip out on the seating wall.

4). Steps & Walkways

It’s human nature to get excited about elements like fireplaces, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens, but sometimes it’s steps and walkways that add those pristine finishing touches. In the past, we’ve had clients get their entire patio built and then feel like it’s just missing that extra bit of pizzazz. Steps and walkways create the possibility to connect different parts of your home. Whether it’s connecting a larger patio to a smaller one by means of a walkway or simply adding steps that utilize the same material as your new patio, it’s a quick and easy way to cap off a beautiful outdoor space. We understand some clients are unsure if these are really a necessity for their project, so feel free to bring this point up when meeting with a designer!

5). Lighting

Drum roll….. Lighting is the number one regret our clients wish they would have included in their bid! Lighting allows you to enjoy your space well into the night. Not only will you be able to entertain longer, your outdoor living space will also be a lot safer. We can’t even begin to tell you how many phone calls we get asking us to come back and install lighting. If you purchase a lighting package upfront, we’ll be able to offer you a better deal than if we have to come out and install it later.


Pinching pennies isn’t always the best option when it comes to hardscape projects. Contractors can offer you a better deal if they’re doing all the work at once. With that said, we understand that certain aspects of projects should be phased out. Contact one of our hardscape designers to get a plan together for your project.

When you book your appointment with Hinkle Hardscapes, know that your outdoor living project is in good hands. We aren’t going to rush through the job, just to get to the next one. Every single project is handled with the same care and precision, no matter the size. From Overland Park to Leawood and Lee’s Summit, we’ve worked with over 3,500 Kansas City homeowners over the past decade. We’d be honored to have the opportunity to create a memory-making outdoor living space for you! Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our hardscape designers.

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