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Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends of 2015 for KC Homeowners

Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends of 2015 for KC Homeowners

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Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends for 2015

As Fall rolls in and we move towards cooler temps, I am sure we are all looking forward to spending some time in our outdoor living areas, around the fire or just on a deck/patio enjoying friends and family. To get you in the spirit and to help you think about your outdoor space, we’ve summarized the Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends for 2015. In the broadest sense, the concept of “Outdoor Living” is an increasingly popular trend that involves extending your indoor space to the outside. Or as we like to put it “Bringing the indoors out”.

Trend # 1: Outdoor Rooms

Your outdoor space can be as comfy and inviting as your indoors. We are creating distinct outdoor rooms or spaces for separate uses such as cooking, dining, lounging, playing and storing. Apart from being extremely functional, creating separate outdoor rooms makes the space infinitely more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Trend # 2: Increasing use of Vertical Structures

Not unlike your indoor space, vertical structures such as walls, screens, pergolas and planters help define and separate outdoor rooms. They also serve to provide increasingly sought-after privacy, encourage traffic flows and camouflage unwanted views. By their nature, vertical structures do not consume a lot of space. This is especially important when space is a premium.

Trend # 3: Clean Lines for a Contemporary and Sophisticated Look

Curvilinear geometry in landscaping has given way to rectangular geometry. Winding pathways and swooping beds are giving way to clean, sleek lines with sharp edges and 90 degree angles. Simple hues, matte finishes and monochromatic pairings are accentuating this trendy urban vibe.

Trend # 4: Outdoor Kitchens

The outdoor kitchen is becoming the “heart” of the outdoor home. They are practical, convenient, functional and can be absolutely spectacular. A wide range of material selection and outdoor appliances to rival the indoor kitchen. Guys get their equality in their outdoor kitchen!

Trend # 5: Water Features

Ah, the soothing sound of water. Fountains, waterfalls, cascading ponds, rain showers – whatever the execution – water features add ambiance. They are visually pleasing. And their sound is not only relaxing, but it can help mitigate external sounds such as neighbour’s activity, traffic or mechanical systems.

Trend # 6: Fire Features

Not unlike water, the natural element of fire is simply a primal source of satisfaction. We are building custom wood burning fire pits and fireplaces. But natural gas fireplaces with custom built-ins are very popular as well. Fire features not only contribute to the ambiance of a space, but the warmth they bring also helps extend the season and the enjoyment of the space.

Trend # 7: Vinyl Swimming Pools

Generally speaking there are 3 types of swimming pools – concrete, vinyl, and fibreglass. Pool sales in KC have been flat over the last several years. However there might be a resurgence of vinyl pools. Their increasing popularity may be attributed to their low initial cost, lower maintenance costs, custom shapes and sizes, smooth touch of the vinyl, and that they don’t foster algae because of the relatively non-porous surface of vinyl vs concrete.

Trend #8: Low Maintenance

Today’s time-crunched homeowners are increasingly looking at low maintenance alternatives for their outdoor landscaping space. Sod is giving way to increased terracing and bigger mulched planting beds with low maintenance plant selections. Composite decking and fencing is becoming increasingly popular versus wood alternatives. Real grass is making way for artificial grass and golf greens.

Trend #9: Edible Landscapes

Gone are the days of separating flowers from vegetables. The latest trend is blended gardens that incorporate edibles and ornamentals together. Why not tuck your tomatoes in with your roses? Chilli Peppers can add a “spice” of colour before they become your salsa. Your gardens can at once be beautiful and delicious.

Trend # 10: The Well-Lit Landscape

We often enjoy our landscape once darkness falls. Customized outdoor lighting can light up your pool, water and fire features, patio, walkways and beds. With the right lighting, the play of light and shadow gives your outdoor space an intriguing, romantic ambiance.

Which Trends are Right for You?

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we have an innate ability to transform outdoor spaces into inspiring and engaging places. We welcome the opportunity to share our creativity, passion and excellence with you on creating the outdoor space of your dreams. Give us a call anytime at (816) 608-8870 and we’ll set up a time to start making your dreams a reality.

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