Double-Decker Entertainment

Raised decks are the best way to maximize outdoor space, especially if you’re working with a small plot. They add living area on the second floor, while also providing coverage on the ground level. Regardless of headroom, this under-deck space is valuable square footage that should be used to your advantage. Structures that sit lower […]

Hardscape Trends For 2017

Can you believe another year has gone by? It seems like the older you get, the faster time goes. Seasons pass and before your know it life changes. Our mission at Hinkle Hardscapes is to create beautiful outdoor living spaces for families to enjoy for years to come. Many of our prospective clients say they’ll do their […]

Is It Worth It? How to Value an Outdoor Living Space

Is It Worth It? How to Value an Outdoor Living Space Before making any major decision, people typically evaluate many underlying characteristics about the choice. With the election nearing, say you’re choosing to run for President. How much is the campaign going to cost? Will your reputation be tarnished by being under this degree of […]

Book Now and Have Your Outdoor Space Ready For The Holidays

Here in Kansas City, the school year is in full swing. The slow pace of summer is being replaced by busy weekdays full of school, work, sports and band practice. No matter what your family schedule looks like this fall, we know the holiday season is just around the corner. During the school year, it […]

Create the Ultimate Gameday Experience

Ever get tired of watching every Chiefs game from the same couch inside? With the college football season just kicking off this past weekend and the NFL one about ready to get started, it’s safe to say a lot of people have been thinking about the gridiron. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the person […]

Hardscape Designs for Small Spaces

Living in a home with a small yard definitely presents unique challenges when you are designing hardscaping for your outdoor living space. While it might be easy to believe that the structures created by hardscape designers won’t fit well in your small space, the truth is that good landscaping and hardscaping designs can play a […]

Why Your Kids Will Love A Fireplace

As parents, we are always looking for fun ways to get our kids active and outside. One way to get them to put down the iPad is by incorporating an amazing outdoor living space! In particular, we have found that kids really enjoy fire features. The golden luminescence and the blanket-like warmth are just a few reasons […]

Why You Should Invest In An Outdoor Living Environment

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we are constantly responding to homeowners that are interested in adding a hardscape project to their home. The majority of them feel hesitant about the benefits of making such a large investment. Installing an outdoor living environment is a big commitment. Understanding what is so great about this home improvement project is […]

4 Hardscape Projects Your Dog Will Love

At Hinkle Hardscapes, the only thing we love more than hardscapes are our pooches. We all love seeing our pets happy. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than coming home to a wagging tail. While belly rubs and treats are great, there’s nothing like having an awesome outdoor space. Here are 4 hardscape projects that your pets […]

6 Hardscape Projects Your Kids Will Love

Now that the school year has come to a close, parents are looking for fun ways to entertain their kids. The last thing you want is your child bored and staring at a screen all summer. Luckily, there are several outdoor living projects that can get your kids excited to spend time outside. These ideas […]