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Spice Up Your Backyard with these Added Components

Spice Up Your Backyard with these Added Components


When homeowners begin planning a hardscape project, it’s key to develop the primary elements first. In terms of the typical Hinkle Hardscapes customer, this will consist of meeting with a designer and getting measurements taken.  After successfully designing a large amount of projects, our designers have developed the ability to not only create a space that fits within the confines of your backyard, but ultimately makes everything blend together. For the majority of projects, this means you’ll need more than just the patio to create a so-called “outdoor retreat.” With this in mind regarding the sheer number of possibilities, many prospective clients ponder where’s a good starting place.

Implement Lighting to Host Parties at any Time

As we go through the Fall season here in Kansas City, the days are starting to get shorter and shorter with earlier sundowns. In order to prevent this from having a negative effect on how you enjoy your outdoor space, it’s tough to go wrong with some outdoor lighting. There are a variety of lighting options to choose from that are all sure to illuminate your backyard. Lighting tends to be simple to set up and painless to maintain!

Create a Refreshing Water Feature

With the lighting in place, you now need to create that peaceful environment capable of being the ultimate relaxing spot. An effortless way to establish this is through installing a water feature. As is the case with lighting, there’s no shortage of options available. Fortunately, water features can be a perfect complement to nearly any patio surface. Is just a plain water feature too simple for your liking? In that case, take a look at color waterfalls. In many cases, this can connect nicely with a neutral surface, which tends to be a popular choice in the Kansas City area.

Bring the Entertainment Outside

As evidenced in a recent blog post, a common design strategy is to pursue the outdoor grilling/kitchen setup. To fortify your space, why not go the extra mile and install a TV outside over the bar. This will provide you with countless uses, like throwing a watch party or utilizing it as a speaker to play music. Furthermore, for those who are truly technologically gifted, some of these added elements in today’s marketplace, such as lighting and water features, have the potential to be controlled and in some cases, customized from smartphones.

Don’t Neglect the Rest of the Yard

With the potential for the added elements above, it isn’t uncommon for clients to ask whether or not there’s anything that falls under the DIY category. While it’s highly recommended to hire someone reliable for the hardscaping elements, there’s no reason why an inspired homeowner can’t take the reins in keeping the grass fresh and getting some potted plants or flowers to liven up the space.

Another aspect of keeping a clean-cut yard is the benefits it allows for homeowners with young kids. Not only will the children be more encouraged to play outside due to the excitement of a brand new hardscape, but the well-manicured grass will provide for a safer playing surface.

Never Too Late

The nice characteristic with many of these components is the fact that they can be implemented into your design at any stage in the process. At Hinkle Hardscapes, we’re always open to hearing client’s opinions, even as construction is going on. Sometimes, it isn’t until the patio is laid down that people realize the space needs a little more life!

If you have an interest in building your own outdoor living space, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to set up a design consultation with Hinkle Hardscapes.

In addition to this, we encourage all prospective clients to check out our Google reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Written By: Brandon Ogle

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