Scheduling Queue

As always, remember that any crew reassignments are simply done with the goal being to get your project going as soon as possible. Any date estimates given on the queue aren’t set in stone as you can’t predict the weather, but they should provide a solid ballpark number. Additionally, our scheduling order is first come first serve based off the date we received your deposit.

If you are at the top of this list and haven’t confirmed your material selections, please do so with your designer ASAP!

  1. Ed Stimpfel (Week of December 17)
  2. Chris Chancellor (Week of January 7)
  3. Mark Guelich (Week of February 18)
  4. Kathryn Watts (Week of March 25)
  5. Jon Gribble (Week of April 15)
  6. John Kice (Week of May 13)

  1. Paul Cook (Week of December 3)
  2. Kevin Westerlaken (Week of December 24)
  3. Chris Berg (Week of January 7)
  4. Mindy Muller (Week of January 28)
  5. Tiffany Montgomery (Week of March 4)
  6. Tom Sullivan (Week of March 11)
  7. Judy Sturman (Week of March 25)
  8. Melissa Koch (Week of April 8)
  9. John Curran (Week of April 16)

  1. Kimberly Leeson (Week of December 3)
  2. Ashlee Baker (Week of December 17)
  3. Travis Wilson (Week of December 31)
  4. Laura Lambert – patio portion (Week of January 21)
  5. John Mieske (Week of March 4)
  6. Aimee Hilger (Week of March 11)
  7. Chris Siefker (Week of March 18)
  8. Robert Sherman (Week of March 25)
  9. Susan Doolittle (Week of April 15)

  1. Kelly Bridenstine (Week of March 4)
  2. Mia Hard (Week of March 18)
  3. Laurie Juhnke (Week of April 1)
  4. Pam Wrisley (Week of April 15)