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Reasons We Rip Out Patios

Reasons We Rip Out Patios

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We can’t even begin to tell you the amount of patios we rip out each year. Sure — some are old and in need of an update, but many are brand new. As much as we’d like your business, we hate seeing people get ripped off. Here are 3 reasons why we rip out patios.

Recent Home Builders

The main victims of these patio demolitions are those who recently built a home. These homeowners often decide to have the builder put in a temporary patio, with plans to remodel the backyard later. The truth is that they are wasting thousands! If you know you want to build an outdoor living space in the near future, skip the temporary concrete slab. These will likely cost you an initial $3,000-$5,000. It will also add substantial demolition fees to your hardscape bid. Save your money now, and invest it later into the outdoor living space you truly desire.

The Base

Ever looked at a patio and noticed cracks or crooked pavers? Our designers walk into these backyards on a daily basis. The clay density in the Kansas City area is extremely high. Factor this with our freeze and thaw climate, and you’re almost guaranteed to have some movement over time. To avoid this, we pour a 4-inch thick base of concrete under all of our patios. In comparison, most contractors will lay a patio using an ab3 gravel base. This might work in a mild climate with low clay density, but it just doesn’t hold up well in our area.


Drum roll……. Drainage issues are the number one reason we rip out patios. We see it time and time again. Poor drainage is often the result of an inexperienced contractor or a DIY fail. If for anything, drainage should be enough reason for your to hire and expert. Don’t find someone off of Craig’s List just to get the lowest price. You’ll probably be calling us later to fix the damage, spending twice as much money and having more construction in your backyard. Sometimes the “best deal” ends up turning into a nightmare later. Trust us on this.


Do it right the first time. Odds are, your outdoor living project won’t be cheap. If you’re looking for a way to ease the blow, we offer a 0% financing plan for 12 months. Book your hardscape project with a contractor you can trust.

At Hinkle Hardscapes, our mission is to build beautiful outdoor living spaces that will last for years to come. We would be honored to serve as your go-to hardscape contractor. If you live in the Kansas City or surrounding areas, feel free to ask us for a FREE estimate. You can click here to have a designer contact you, or give our office a call at (816) 608-8870.


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