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Preparing The Ground For Hardscaping

Preparing The Ground For Hardscaping


Building hardscaping structures involves much more than what you see when you look at a finished product. The goal is to create beautiful space for outdoor living, but first we have to create a strong foundation for the structure. If the ground beneath the hardscape is not properly prepared, you could face difficult problems in the future that require expensive repairs and in some cases, a complete replacement of your patio.

Preparing the ground for hardscaping work is a time-consuming, but essential, part of the building process. Continue reading to learn all about just how much work it takes to get your ground ready for a new patio or any other hardscaping project and why it is so important.

Grading of Existing Ground

The ground beneath hardscaping must be graded so that water moves away from the home. If this is not done, homeowners could have water drainage toward the foundation of their home. This can cause damage to their lawn, to their foundation, and may even result in flood or leaks into their home. At Hinkle Hardscapes, we make sure every yard is graded away from the home before we begin any work building a hardscaping structure.

Elevate Ground to Proper Height

In some cases, grading is not enough. Some yards need a little more work before they are ready for a hardscaping structure. If the yard is too low, or simple needs to be leveled, we use soil and gravel to elevate the ground to the proper height. This provides a strong foundation for hardscaping and is essential to creating structures that will last.

If Necessary, Create a Base

In some circumstances, a base must be created before a project is started. Pavers and other stone projects require a concrete base that plays the role of a foundation. Stamped concrete does not require a base since concrete is actually the final product.

Working in Cold Weather

If the weather is cold, extra steps must be taken to prepare the ground for hardscaping work. Since concrete must be kept at a certain temperature to properly cure, we use heated blankets and often find we need to use tents and propane heaters to fully heat the area.

At Hinkle Hardscapes, each of our team members are specifically trained in the methods we use to prepare ground for hardscaping work. By using these methods every time, we have found that our structures durable and long-lasting, able to withstand frequent changes in weather and the wear and tear of frequent use.

To learn more about working with Hinkle Hardscapes, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule an initial design consultation for your next hardscaping project.

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