Outdoor Lighting Options For Your Outdoor Retreat

Here in Kansas City, the weather has turned. The mornings are crisp, and although the sun is warm in the afternoon, as soon as the sun begins to set, the temperatures quickly drop. This weather is perfect for evenings by a fire pit, with a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider in hand. But with the recent time change, it is dark before most families have even had a chance to clear the dinner dishes. Because of this, fall is the perfect time to step up your outdoor lighting game. Continue reading for a few suggestions for the perfect outdoor lighting for dressing up your backyard retreat.

String Lights

String lights set the perfect mood for outdoor entertaining. With countless options in the stores, you can choose from simple bulbs, lights of different colors, or even decorative japanese lanterns. If you plan to keep your string lights a permanent part of your backyard, make sure you include this as you work with our team to plan your outdoor space.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are single lights which hang as fixtures or are permanently installed on a wall. These lights are commonly used indoors, but work perfectly outdoors and provide endless design options for your backyard retreat. A professional will need to install these lights, and at Hinkle Hardscapes we are more than happy to help you choose and install the perfect lights for your outdoor space.

Hardscape Lighting

Another way you can light your outdoor space is by having the designers at Hinkle Hardscape integrate lighting into the hardscaping in your backyard. We can install in-ground lights, path lighting, or architectural lighting which highlights the beautiful hardscaping features we have created for you.

To learn more about the outdoor lighting options we offer at Hinkle Hardscape, call 816.741.2035 orclick here to schedule a free hardscaping design meeting with one our highly experienced hardscaping professionals.