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Our New Website is LIVE!

Our New Website is LIVE!

Hinkle Hardscapes

Same company, same great service, new name. Plus a new website!

Here at KC Lawn & Landscaping, for the past 5+ years, we’ve done pretty much only hardscape projects. We don’t plant flowers, we don’t put in irrigation lines, or lay mulch. We build outdoor living areas. So we finally felt it was time to update our name with what we actually do. There are only so many times that someone will forgive you for having a name like KC Lawn & Landscaping, but you don’t do lawn care or landscaping. So, it was time.

We now have a name that says exactly what we do. We do hardscapes. We do fire pits, patios, pavers, concrete, pergolas, decks, pool redesigns, retaining walls, etc. Will we also do landscaping as part of a hardscape job? Yes, of course we do that for our clients. What we don’t do anymore is come out and plant 5 new bushes and put down mulch. If you need that done, call us and we’ll give you the name of some great landscaping companies that we work with who do excellent work.

We’re sorry for any confusion this might have caused. Name changes and rebranding a company aren’t any fun for us or for the consumer. We wish we didn’t have to do it, but it really needed to be done. We promise to not do it again!!!

Check out our new website when you get a chance, and be sure to tell your friends about us the next time someone mentions that they might be looking to add on an outdoor living area or project!


Hinkle Hardscapes

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