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Make The Most Out Of A Small Yard

Make The Most Out Of A Small Yard

Making the most of hardscaping a small yard

So, you want to create an outdoor living retreat to enjoy time with family and friends, but feel you just don’t have the space to accommodate this vision. Trust us, you’re not alone. First things first, don’t let space kill your dreams right away. Our motto at Hinkle Hardscapes is to utilize our design skills and experience to capitalize on the space you do have and create the space you envision. Here are a couple of tips we recommend for making the most out of what may seem like too small of a yard.

Focused Approach

When dealing with a smaller landscape, it’s vital to identify the 2 or 3 elements that are most important to you. At this stage, our designers will typically suggest some of our more common elements that don’t require a massive patio to maintain their functionality. First  and foremost, you’re looking at choosing the foundation for your patio. More than likely stamped concrete or pavers will answer this question. Then, for additional elements, think of ones like a firepit and seating wall combo. It won’t require a lot of space, yet it still manages to create that outdoor living vibe.

Water Features & Lights?

When adding additional elements and dealing with a small yard, things like grill stations and fireplaces are probably going to be out of question. Start thinking of elements like water features and lighting. In particular, lighting is often one of those elements that our clients always regret not adding. From undercap lights to path lights, it’s a low-cost addition that is a necessity if you’re looking to host evening gatherings. Neither of these are going to break the bank and they won’t take up a ton of space either. At the same time, consider landscaping options. Landscaping and hardscaping go hand-in-hand. If one of them is lacking, then the other will probably be suffer. While saying this, we usually recommend addressing the hardscaping elements first. It’s much easier to mesh the two when the hardscape options have already been selected.

Build Up, Not Out!

Everyone’s first instinct is how much square footage they’ll need for the patio. However, sometimes a forgotten strategy is to utilize the air space to bring appeal to your backyard. From pergolas to decks to covered structures, there is certainly no shortage in vertical elements. Additionally, they won’t create any unneeded clutter that just takes up space on your patio.

Keep It Open

A major factor in making the most out of a small yard is creating the feeling that the space is actually bigger than it really is. Each of the topics above address this need. However, there are a few more tips we have on how to make this a reality.

(1) Consider the fencing you have in place. If you can, going with no fence creates the illusion of a much larger yard, as you’ll be able to see trees and plants beyond your property. However, I understand that with pets, this might not be a realistic possibility. In those cases, go with a short and open fence, like a picket one.

(2) Elevation changes can make a huge difference. Sometimes, simply constructing an elevated patio can go a long way. Essentially, what you’re doing with this is defining different areas of your outdoor living space.

When you set up an appointment with one of our designers, they are always on the lookout for ways to maximize space!

Get Started Today!

At Hinkle Hardscapes, our team is committed to working with anyone interested in creating an outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking for a 1200 SF patio with a fireplace and a grill station or simply a 400 SF patio with a firepit and some lighting, we’re here to help! If you want to schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule a meeting!

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