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Kansas City Outdoor Living Spaces & Graduation Parties

Kansas City Outdoor Living Spaces & Graduation Parties

Kansas City Outdoor Living Spaces & Graduation Parties

Graduation season is ahead! Is your Kansas City outdoor living space (aka your backyard) ready?

Do you have enough outdoor living space to host your graduation party? You may be contemplating whether you have enough room for your family and friends. This is a common concern, and one we encounter often this time of year.

Our past clients have shared with us the importance of being able to host and share memories with family and friends at an extremely important gathering, their son’s or daughter’s graduation party. They felt like this was one of the last parties they would have for their children while still living at home.

Our clients expressed that they wanted to be able to have the party inside and out since most graduations are in May, but were embarrassed about their current patio and outdoor living space. While this is true, the stress associated with trying to have an entire patio updated or built before graduation was overwhelming, leaving some questioning whether or not they should have the party at all.

At Hinkle Hardscapes we understand the stress that goes into a outdoor living environment project, let alone a Graduation party. None of our clients should have to feel this way. Since 2007 we’ve helped design and build over 50 Kansas City patios and outdoor living spaces ​that were specifically for graduation parties​. We’ve documented this process and love to share it with new clients who are ready to create a great outdoor graduation party space!

Creating the Perfect Graduation Patio

If you are facing a similar situation to the one above, don’t wait to call us. We can help you get started right way.

To begin the process, all you have to do is take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Call us to schedule a design meeting
  2. Design your space with on of our designers
  3. We’ll build it

It really is that simple to work with our talented and professional design team.

1. Schedule Your Design Meeting

The first step is for you to contact our professional team to get started with the design of your perfect graduation patio or outside space. Our team will work with you to determine the perfect date and time to sit down and discuss your needs.

During this initial meeting, your job is to let us know what you are envisioning for your new outdoor living environment and how you plan to use it for the graduation party and beyond. All this information is essential as we prepare to design your perfect outdoor space.

2. Design Your Space

Once we have gathered all needed information, the next step is to create an initial design. This design is created by our designers in the field, who can help you get the patio area you are dreaming of. We can add a wide array of hardscape features to enhance your space, such as an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit or fireplace, seating walls, pergolas, etc.

It is always our goal to design a space that will function the way you want it to within the budget you’d like. We want to make this a space that you will enjoy for years to come after your graduation party.

3. Build It

The last and final step in this process is to create the patio design you have approved. Our team will work diligently to get your outdoor space finished before the big day of the party. However, we encourage you to call us today, as our April and May schedule is filling up.

You shouldn’t have to feel guilty or embarrassed about not hosting your child’s graduation party because of your backyard.

Have Hinkle Hardscapes design and build a beautiful outdoor living space so that you can share and make memories with family and friends.

Call us today at ​816-608-8870​ or email us now.

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