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Including a Pergola in Your Backyard Retreat

Including a Pergola in Your Backyard Retreat


If you are a homeowner working with Hinkle Hardscapes to design a backyard retreat, know that you have countless options for customizing your space. Homeowners always have the choice to include a pergola in their backyard. These beautiful, wooden structures offer countless benefits, including dramatically improving the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we offer pergolas constructed from high quality cedar and we are able to customize your pergola to fit your unique space and the vision you have for your backyard. Continue reading to learn more about pergolas, including some of the benefits they offer when you include them in your backyard retreat.

Pergola Basis: Size and Budget

Before moving forward with including a pergola in your backyard retreat, it is helpful to understand the size options and costs of these structures. At Hinkle Hardscapes, our pergolas are priced competitively. When offering estimates, we work hard to provide options that are priced smartly without sacrificing the quality of materials used to build your structure.

When it comes to variances in prices, size is the biggest factor at play. A basic cedar pergola measuring 10 by 10 feet can be expected to be priced around $3,500. Of course, prices vary greatly based on the size of your pergola and are also affected if additional features are included.

Bring Shade to Your Backyard Retreat

One of the most attractive benefits of a pergola is the shade they offer to your backyard retreat. Because our pergolas can be customized, you have the option to place smaller slats on top of the main beams, oriented in the opposite direction. These smaller slats are placed only two inches apart, offering exceptional shade cover to your outdoor space. When you work closely with a hardscaping expert, you can also orient the slats of your pergola to offer the optimal combination of natural light and shade during prime hours of the day.

Provide a Foundation for Climbing Plants

A backyard retreat is simply incomplete without plants bringing life to your space. Climbing plants, including flowering plants, ivy, and vines look beautiful and will thrive with a pergola offering them support. You also have the option to hang planters from the slats of your pergola.

Create Boundaries for Your Outdoor Space

Creating boundaries within your backyard retreat can be easily achieved with the addition of a pergola. This covering can mark off a space dedicated to eating, drinking, and entertaining, especially when used in combination with a patio and patio seating. Additionally, pergolas offer covering for your outdoor furniture or outdoor kitchen, amping up the functionality of your space.

Pergolas are Easily Added to Any Space

Pergolas have an incredibly dramatic effect on outdoor spaces, but are not a hassle to install. Pergolas can be easily added to both brand new and existing spaces, making them a perfect choice for adding more interest and functionality to a backyard retreat. Additionally, when high quality materials are used, these structures can be easily maintained for years after their installation.

If you are a homeowner living in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, and you are interested in building a retreat in your own backyard, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule an initial hardscaping design consultation.

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