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Poolhouses are a special type of covered structure that help homeowners turn their backyard pool into their own small swimming complex. If you’ve had a pool for several years and want to spruce it up, then this would be the ultimate upgrade. This not only adds a couple of tweaks to your current arrangement, it transforms it into a total outdoor element.

Here’s how it all works . . .

What are Poolhouses? Why are they so Popular?

Our poolhouses are something we’ve brought on lately as an extension for outdoor pool areas. They’re very popular in the upscale neighborhoods throughout Kansas City.

Many homeowners want these for whenever they have pool parties and gatherings, but would prefer folks not to go through the house with wet swimwear to use the bathroom. Of course, these are more than just restrooms, though. They’ll often have changing areas, outdoor showers, storage rooms, garage build-outs, and even fireplaces.

It’s even possible to winterize them to allow for swimming and outdoor amusement during the cold months. All it requires is putting heating units into the soffits and other simple adjustments. This includes temperature control for the bathrooms.

Everything about this project is designed to keep everybody outside by the pool. All of our covered structure projects are like constructing a house. We’ll design a poolhouse concept, review it with you, run it through engineering, have it approved by architects, obtain permits, and begin construction.

The roof structures themselves go up quick (within the first five days). Then, it’s all about adding in other components like patios, gutters, electrical structures, and anything else you want.

Hinkle Poolhouses

Benefits of Adding a New Poolhouse

  • If you want to really add curb appeal and home value, then this will accomplish that better than almost any other project.
  • It’s easy to augment a fiberglass swimming pool and poolhouse arrangement with extra seating, outdoor eating amenities, and almost anything you can think of for backyard entertainment.
  • A poolhouse gives you plenty of additional storage space.
  • Even aside from the pool, it never hurts to have some kind of outdoor bathroom.
  • You won’t have to walk into the air-conditioned house, shivering with soaking-wet swimwear ever again.
  • It’s the perfect way to perfect your outdoor fiberglass pool paradise.
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Are there Mistakes that Other Contractors Make Building Structures Like These?

What are the typical mistakes other contractors make?

Not every Kansas City construction business has the same Class C contractor license like us. Hinkle Outdoor Living has gone through licensing to do everything in residential construction, even full home building.

Companies that lack these credentials can’t always handle every job aspect. Without a Class C license, you wouldn’t be able to pull permits, leaving that burden to the homeowners.

It’s also common to see them not have an electrician on staff, forcing you to hire a subcontractor to cover that. Be careful if you run into contractors who need you to do permits or other essential items by yourself. We eliminate all that anxiety because Hinkle Outdoor Living can take care of all of everything in-house.

Not every contractor will go through all those meticulous engineering and design steps, either. While it might not seem like much, cutting corners or skipping steps could cause you to fail an inspection. Whenever that happens, don’t count on that contractor to stick around to fix their mess. Some of our work involves cleaning up abandoned projects from other companies, and it makes the entire process take much longer (and cost more).

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Hinkle Outdoor Living: Our Process Steps for Covered Structures and Poolhouses

These are the basic steps we follow at Hinkle Outdoor Living (for any project).

  1. Initial consultation – This is the first step where we’ll meet with you multiple times to discover what you want, and design a covered structure.
  2. Review with Architects & Designers – Here, our staff architects review the plan and make changes as they deem necessary.
  3. Engineering Phase – Then our engineers contribute to the process by checking load requirements, plot plans, and other building plans.
  4. Permitting Phase – Then we get all the permits and make other adjustments depending on municipal requirements.
  5. Construction & Finishing Components – Then we install everything, schedule inspections, finish the job, and show you the fantastic final results.

Call Hinkle Outdoor Living to Learn More

This is a basic overview of what we do for our grand-scale home improvement tasks. As you can see, there are many details, which is why we keep a talented staff of designers, construction crew, architects, engineers, and other trained professionals. All of that sophistication and process-driven construction will get you the results you find working with journeyman contract companies.

You’re more than welcome to browse through our solid list of homeowner testimonials. This includes residents from multiple counties and communities in Kansas and Missouri (we’re licensed to work in both states). We also maintain an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

So, contact us today to discover all about modern poolhouses and other luxury outdoor items for your home in Kansas City.

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We Streamline
Complex Processes

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Design Discovery Call

Our process begins with a 30-minute Design Discovery Call. During this virtual meeting, our owner will discuss your project ideas, goals, and budget.

In-Home Design Meeting

If we’re a good fit for your project, we’ll set up an In-Home Design Meeting where our team will take exact measurements and elevations, and begin exploring your material preferences. Allot 1 hour for this phase of the process.
in home design

Design Review Call

Your outdoor living plan will take 5-7 business days to complete. From there, we’ll schedule a Design Review Call where the team will reveal your custom 3D rendering. We’ll go over your layout, confirm materials, and make revisions until we’ve successfully captured your vision. This call typically lasts an hour.
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Design Presentation Call

The final step is a Design Presentation Call. During this 45-60 minute Zoom meeting, the team will present the budgetary numbers for your design. If you accept the proposal, you can make a small deposit to be added to the construction queue!

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