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From rustic to contemporary, our outdoor living experts have something for every style with paver patios.

The Basic Approach to Installing Paver Patios

There are multiple ways we can install residential pavers, but it all boils down to the same consistent process we always follow. Our first objective is to set up pavers that are the most optimal for functionality, drainage, and design. Since achieving level pavers is a complex trade, you have to rely on an expert with plenty of experience in determining where runoff water might go.

For example, many backyard arrangements and landscapes require you to know how to apply pavement to fit the slope and elevation of the soil grade.

During our efforts, we set up a clean-graded gravel base along with a geo textile matt to separate soil and gravel. In the middle of the base, we include a dry grid for the pavers. Then, we compact everything with a large compactor, one capable of detecting errors and unleveled spots. Finally, there’s an additional roller compactor that handles the polymeric sand for finishing everything.

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Simple Installation Steps

What is the installation process like?

Our installation process is pretty straightforward. It’s a lot like how we approach putting in a swimming pool, but with less excavation. We dig the hole, lay down the clean-graded gravel, insert a dry grid halfway, compact everything carefully, and layer clean p-gravel on top of it (¾” to 1” thick). After that, we install the pavers and use the compactor to roll in the polymeric sand.

Outdoor Paver Patios

Avoiding Common Paver Installation Errors

How do our pavers handle the clay soil? What’s the best way to avoid common pavement errors?

In Kansas City, we have to contend with expanding and contracting clay soil whenever we do anything with pavement. In order to counter this problem, many homeowners will select a base-grade, AB3 paver. That material gets just as hard as concrete, but doesn’t have any rebar reinforcement in it.

Alas, this means you may notice some movement with the pavers once the soil moves. Weeds are the other major concern for paver installation. In the old days, you would merely backfill pavers with sand, which would give you LOTS of weeds.

Hinkle Outdoor Living takes a better approach to this. Our five-step process (mentioned above) goes well beyond simple dumping compacted sand all around pavers without compacting it. If you do it that way, then you won’t get stuck with weeds and cracks two years later.

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Why You Should Hire a Pro for this Work

It’s been our experience, since our business’ inception, that we don’t get those problems because we focus on drainage, functionality, and design. That’s our guiding method during every installation project. Those are the three key metrics that will guarantee long-lasting results.

Hinkle Outdoor Living also possesses several credentials for this construction work. This includes our certification with the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI). We follow many of their procedures and techniques. This means you can count a procedure-driven and scientifically tested paver installation service whenever you hire us.

Paver Patios

Benefits of Installing New Paver Patios

  • It’s a fast and effective way to improve your home’s outdoor aesthetic.
  • Depending on your property, pavers could increase your property value with as much as a 60 or 70% ROI.
  • A paver patio could be the beginning of a much greater backyard revitalization project. We’ve helped many KC homeowners upgrade their patio, then add a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and other terrific amenities.
  • Are you tired of all that trouble with rotten wood boards on your current deck? Pavers won’t succumb to rain and moisture the same way. While there is occasional maintenance (cleaning and sealing), it’s far less than the work required for a wood deck.
  • If you hire us to install pavers properly, you won’t suffer from unsightly cracks and deformities.
Paver Patios

Call Hinkle Outdoor Living for Major Home Exterior Upgrades

At Hinkle Outdoor Living, we’re firm believers that everyone deserves to love their backyard. That motivates us to devise the best ways to transform an “okay” home exterior into a fantastic living space.

We started our business in 2007 by addressing essential services like lawn care and snow removal. Since then, we’ve developed into the area’s top installation crew for luxury upgrades. That’s why we enjoy a steady flow of satisfied customers, rarely receive complaints, and can back our services with substantial warranty options.

Contact Hinkle Outdoor Living today to learn all about enhancing your Kansas City home with outstanding paver patios.

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Design Discovery Call

Our process begins with a 30-minute Design Discovery Call. During this virtual meeting, our owner will discuss your project ideas, goals, and budget.

In-Home Design Meeting

If we’re a good fit for your project, we’ll set up an In-Home Design Meeting where our team will take exact measurements and elevations, and begin exploring your material preferences. Allot 1 hour for this phase of the process.
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Design Review Call

Your outdoor living plan will take 5-7 business days to complete. From there, we’ll schedule a Design Review Call where the team will reveal your custom 3D rendering. We’ll go over your layout, confirm materials, and make revisions until we’ve successfully captured your vision. This call typically lasts an hour.
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Design Presentation Call

The final step is a Design Presentation Call. During this 45-60 minute Zoom meeting, the team will present the budgetary numbers for your design. If you accept the proposal, you can make a small deposit to be added to the construction queue!

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