Taking The Heart Of The Home Outside

For years, the kitchen has been the heart of the home for most families. It’s the space where you share meals with your family and entertain guests during the holidays. There’s just something comforting about preparing a meal for the ones that you love. Why not take that experience outside?

All of our projects start with a beautiful stamped concrete or paver patio. A grill station or outdoor kitchen is a popular add on to the space. Most people use their patios as a place to entertain guests and serve meals. By incorporating a grill station into your hardscape design, the chef gets to prepare meals while enjoying the company! Not only does this make entertaining more enjoyable, your food will be the perfect temperature fresh off the grill. The added bonus of an outdoor kitchen is that cleanup is a breeze! Just hose it down when you’re done and voila!

Very pleased with the job Hinkle Hardscapes did on our stamped concrete patio, sitting walls, built-in fire pit and grill station. Ken and his team were very helpful in developing our design, and were very accommodating when I made changes to the plan, even after the project began. Would definitely recommend them for any patio projects.

Corey Casey

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Trading In That Ugly Concrete Slab

Many home builders install a standard concrete slab in the backyard of the homes they build. Although a grill station is a great stand alone option, you won’t regret investing in a new stamped concrete or paver patio. Trading in that dull concrete slab will create a beautiful environment for you to host graduations, 4th of July celebrations, and even the annual superbowl party!

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we’ve been installing patios since 2007. Over the last decade we have developed skills and techniques that create beautiful and long lasting patios. Our talented team of hardscape craftsmen can transform a boring backyard into a space that you’re proud of!

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Incorporating Lighting Into Your Outdoor Kitchen

Lighting is a very important element to consider when planning your hardscape project. By adding lighting to your project, you’re able to enjoy the space late into the evening. This means you don’t have to move the party inside! Lighting allows you to extend your outdoor entertaining hours.

Not only is lighting good for entertaining friends and family, it also makes the space safer. You can illuminate steps to prevent anyone from stumbling and injuring themselves. Whether you’re hosting a toddler or your great grandma, lighting is always a smart addition to your project.

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we offer a variety of lights including path lights and undercap lights. Path lights are generally placed around the perimeter of a patio. Undercap lights can be used under just about any hardscape element. Undercap lighting is especially popular along seating walls and grill stations.

This company is the “complete package”! The communication with customers was top notch, the staff went above and beyond anytime we asked something of them, and the work crews were very skilled and paid attention to even the smallest details of our project. We will always choose and recommend Hinkle Hardscapes!

Sara Dorrian

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Get The Kids To Put Down The iPad

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any patio project. These are a luxury item that adults always seem to love and appreciate. If you’re looking to incorporate a hardscape element that will be fun for the kids, a fire pit and seating wall is definitely a crowd pleaser! Who doesn’t love roasting s’mores, telling ghost stories and singing around a warm fire? Adding this element is surprisingly affordable.

For most clients, the goal for their patio is to create a space where their family can enjoy, spend quality time, and create memories for years to come. We know that getting the kids off the Ipad is easier said than done, but incorporating hardscape elements that they will love will encourage them to spend more time outside in the fresh air.

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Shading Your Outdoor Kitchen With A Pergola

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we love the outdoors! We are especially fond of warm days with lots of sunshine. With that said, there are some days that are scorchingly hot. The heat in the peek of summer can make spending time outside unbearable. Adding a pergola or covered structure to your patio project is a great way to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor living space regardless of the weather.

Pergolas are a very popular add-on for our clients. They are surprisingly affordable depending on the materials that you select. Not to mention, they allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space despite the beaming summer rays.

Covered structures are a lot more expensive than pergolas, but allow you to enjoy your patio even in the rain. This is especially convenient for individuals with outdoor kitchens. By covering the outdoor kitchen, you’ll be able to fire up the grill without getting soaked during a rainstorm.

Had a great experience. We’ve had nothing but compliments from the neighbors. The patio looks great! The backyard is a completely different space.

Troy Tuttle

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Customizing Your Outdoor Kitchen Just The Way You Want It

An outdoor kitchen can be built in a variety of sizes and can be customized with several different features. Some homeowners opt for a standard rectangular grill cubby, while others prefer an intricate U or L-shaped design. Aside from a grill, outdoor kitchens can include smokers, sinks, and even mini refrigerators.

When it comes to building your outdoor kitchen, you have nearly endless options. Material prices range from affordable and high end to accommodate every budget. The most affordable option is built from stacked block. The higher end selections include a variety of stone veneer. As far as countertops, we like to keep it simple with either concrete or granite. Whatever option you decide, our goal is to help you create a space that makes entertaining more convenient and fun!