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Transform your backyard into a year-round hotspot for dining, entertaining, and sharing good times.

Primary Purpose of Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire pits are a great conversational tool if nothing else. Many of our clients want one to have as a nice background feature while they relax, read a book, or chat with family members. We facilitate this by offering several classy options for either fire pits or fireplaces.

You can select wood-burning fire pits, which allows you to cook with hickory flavors and other terrific enhancements. Then there are gas options as well. You won’t get as much heat from gas fire pits, but they also don’t require you to kindle wood and prepare everything.

It’s extra convenient to just press a button and enjoy a fireplace. Many gas options are cleaner with much less smoke. Like anything else, this comes down to consumer preferences since there are pros and cons to either wood or gas burning.

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How Does the Hinkle Team Install Outdoor Fire Features?

How does fireplace installation work?

It depends on what we’re installing and what the municipal codes will allow. We install fire pits in several Kansas City communities, which involves different regulations. Many of our structures use ventless gas.

We’ve found these to be the safest and easiest to install. Any installation with wood or vents has to go at least three feet above the tallest peak of the fireplace. Therefore, if you have a taller property, then it can become rather expensive to install the proper ventilation to accommodate a vented fire pit.

We’ve constructed an effective ventless fireplace where all we have to do is take it up to the rim joists, typically about nine-feet high. It is still possible to use other vented options, however. We can build stand-alone, wood-burning fireplaces, whereas other homeowners may opt for a gas-insert fireplace with traditional venting.

There are a plethora of materials and designs available in today’s market. Many fireplaces use a 50/50 mix of gas versus wood burning. You can achieve an outstanding aesthetic with block-style, stone veneer, and other design features.

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Problems that Could Occur with Poor Installation

What happens if you install them poorly?

All our fireplace installations start from an engineered design kit. We bring in a fireplace, having been built according to manufacturer specs, and install it to fit your outdoor framework.

The primary concern for homeowners should be to beware custom-built fireplace that do not vent properly. It’s the easiest way to run into safety issues. Poor ventilation creates the potential for fires and breathing difficulties if there’s too much smoke.

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Benefits of Installing Outdoor Fire Features

  1. Better Aesthetics – It’s no different from the inside of your home. A classy fireplace design can become the centerpiece of a beautiful outdoor ambiance.
  2. Stay Warm – The winter weather often forces everyone inside for about two or three months every year. Even in the fall months, however, fireplaces are great for warming up after a dip in the backyard pool.
  3. Easier to Host Events – There’s almost no better way to host a club gathering, dinner party, or even meet with business clients. We’ve never met anyone who would say “no” to a fire-side chat or social hour.
  4. Cook over the Fire – As we said already, fire pits are a popular way to prepare food outside. Some folks will incorporate this as part of an entire outdoor kitchen.
  5. Create a Comfortable Family Environment – This is a terrific way to gather your family together, or enjoy a romantic evening in the front of the fire with your spouse.
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Call Hinkle Outdoor Living for All Luxury Backyard Upgrades

Is this the type of backyard project you’ve always wanted to pursue?

If so, then we invite you to consider our experienced installation services. When you hire a professional to assemble everything, you won’t have to worry about safety issues, malfunctions, or other hassles.

Hinkle Outdoor Living specializes in transforming backyard and other exterior locations with premium enhancements, including

  • Fireplaces
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pergolas
  • Decks (composite, treated lumber, or cedar)
  • . . . and much more.

These are the special amenities you’ll find in many new home constructions, but we can build them into your home, thereby adding lots of new value. Since we have the capacity to build almost anything (as a Class C contractor), there’s very little we can’t handle. Our effective services have earned us an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), along with several positive customer reviews.

Contact Hinkle Outdoor Living today for reliable installation tasks like fire features, fiberglass swimming pools, covered structures, and other awesome designs.

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Your Vision

Imagine a space that takes your breath away with its captivating beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. The perfect balance of natural beauty and luxurious amenities that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a five-star resort. From exquisite lighting that illuminates your space like a dreamy paradise, to carefully curated landscapes that evoke a sense of peace, we create spaces that inspire awe.
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We Streamline
Complex Processes

design discovery

Design Discovery Call

Our process begins with a 30-minute Design Discovery Call. During this virtual meeting, our owner will discuss your project ideas, goals, and budget.

In-Home Design Meeting

If we’re a good fit for your project, we’ll set up an In-Home Design Meeting where our team will take exact measurements and elevations, and begin exploring your material preferences. Allot 1 hour for this phase of the process.
in home design

Design Review Call

Your outdoor living plan will take 5-7 business days to complete. From there, we’ll schedule a Design Review Call where the team will reveal your custom 3D rendering. We’ll go over your layout, confirm materials, and make revisions until we’ve successfully captured your vision. This call typically lasts an hour.
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Design Presentation Call

The final step is a Design Presentation Call. During this 45-60 minute Zoom meeting, the team will present the budgetary numbers for your design. If you accept the proposal, you can make a small deposit to be added to the construction queue!

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