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See The Future

Bring your dreams to life with 3D Videos that show you how your project will look. You’ll be able to add elements you may have never even thought of and flesh out your plan in detail.

You can plan your entire outdoor living space. Whether you’re doing it all right away or taking a gradual approach.

Creating a comprehensive plan lets you consider the entire composition and flow. With a 3D model, before our crew takes the first scoop of soil, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

3D Rendering 6

Share & Collaborate

Take the guesswork out of your project with our 3D design videos.

What better way to share your vision with family and friends than with a 3D video?

Picture yourselves gathered around a cozy outdoor fireplace on a cool autumn night. Or swimming in your refreshing new pool on a warm summer afternoon.

Imagine together how you’ll actually use your outdoor living space. The best part is when you have it figured out, your 3D video will ensure Hinkle Hardscapes understands your vision.

When you, your friends and family, and your contractor all know exactly what you’re creating, you have peace of mind. You know what you’re getting, down to the finest detail.

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A Solid Plan

Gone are the days when most homeowners are satisfied with a grill and a swing set in their backyards. More and more people want to take full advantage of their outdoor space.

The secret to designing a comfortable, functional living space you’ll level is solid planning.

With 3D modeling, you can take into account a full range of dimensions and elements that might otherwise be overlooked. Traffic patterns, zones of cozy or open space, seating options, fire and water elements, privacy, and integration with your indoor living space are all important considerations.

With 3D modeling, you can also consider light, texture, angles, and views from different points on the property. How will your new outdoor kitchen look from the dining room picture window?

Step into your own imagination with 3D modeling. You can even plan the smaller elements such as plants, shrubs, trees, mulch and so on.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a solid plan down to the last detail. And know exactly what to expect.

3D Rendering 4

Quick & Nimble

Careful planning is vital. But let’s be real.

No matter how carefully plan or what tools you use, you may want changes. When construction begins, you might decide you want to adjust your plan.

Save time rearranging and updating your design. Quickly figure out and document detailed revisions.

Take advantage of the same 3D modeling to make any necessary changes quickly and efficiently. Keep your project on schedule and on track, from start to finish.

3D Rendering 3


3D Videos can save time and money, and reduce stress and uncertainty.

Think about materials. A solid plan means more accurate orders. The right materials in the correct quantity prevent delays and extra costs.

With detailed 3D modeling estimating every aspect of the project is easier than ever. You don’t have to wonder if Hinkle Hardscapes really understands your vision.

Mistakes can be costly, but 3D modeling greatly improves accuracy all around. You’ve all seen the expected result in virtual reality.

3D Rendering 2


At Hinkle Hardscapes we are passionate about creating beautiful and unique outdoor living environments.

We aren’t your run of the mill landscaping company that can do hardscaping. We are a team of specialized designers and on-site technicians who can work with you to create the outdoor area you’ve always wanted.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped over 2,000 Kansas City homeowners build their dream outdoor entertaining space. Turn your vision into reality.

Outdoor living environments aren’t our line of work; they’re our passion.

We sophisticated, 3D modeling to make sure our customers are delighted with our work. Together we’ll create an outdoor living space that you and your family and friends can enjoy for many years to come.

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