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4 Hardscape Projects Your Dog Will Love

4 Hardscape Projects Your Dog Will Love


At Hinkle Hardscapes, the only thing we love more than hardscapes are our pooches. We all love seeing our pets happy. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than coming home to a wagging tail. While belly rubs and treats are great, there’s nothing like having an awesome outdoor space. Here are 4 hardscape projects that your pets will love:

Water Features

Who doesn’t like to get a drink or splash of water on a hot day? A water feature can entertain your pet while keeping them cool and hydrated. There are nearly endless options for water features including fountains, ponds, and bubblers. And, (if you want to be the most awesome master ever) a pool could be the ultimate treat.


Pergolas are a great addition to any outdoor space. Your furry friend will love relaxing in the shade on those hot sunny days. The shade from a pergola can also cool down patio surfaces. Your pet will love having a cool space to relax while still enjoying the outdoors.


Dogs are territorial by nature. Walkways can provide a path for patrolling. Your pet will love having a designated space to cruise and explore. Flagstone, brick or stamped concrete are great smooth surfaces for paws.


Your pet will enjoy running around the yard without the worry of crossing boundaries. Having a physical fence also eliminates the need for an electric one, so you won’t feel guilty about shocking your pal.

In addition, fences provide piece of mind for pet owners. You’ll feel better knowing that your pup is safe from traffic and predators. For some dogs, fences encourage digging. Protect your escape artist by placing river rock along the perimeter of the fence. This will discourage digging and have the added benefit of looking great.


If you live in the Kansas City area, and you are fetching a hardscape contractor, call Hinkle Hardscapes at (816) 608-8870. We will work with you to design the perfect outdoor space for your family, friends, and furry pals.

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