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Hardscape Designs for Small Spaces

Hardscape Designs for Small Spaces

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Living in a home with a small yard definitely presents unique challenges when you are designing hardscaping for your outdoor living space. While it might be easy to believe that the structures created by hardscape designers won’t fit well in your small space, the truth is that good landscaping and hardscaping designs can play a role in increasing the functionality of spaces that typically feel overcrowded.

At Hinkle Hardscapes, we have experience working on yards of all sizes, reviving tired spaces with fresh designs and creating comfortable and useful outdoor living spaces to fit any lifestyle. If you are looking for inspiration to get you started or simply troubleshooting the design challenges presented by small, outdoor spaces, here a few suggestions that are sure to be useful as you plan your backyard retreat.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Even the smallest yards typically have unused vertical space. Whenever possible, use the air space above your backyard to create the appearance of more space. This can be accomplished through hardscaping with the addition of a deck or pergola. These structures allow you to make a big impact on the look of your outdoor space without creating clutter that keeps you from enjoying your backyard.

Another strategy used by experts who specialize in working in small spaces is the use of an above-grade patio. Building the patio a few feet above the ground-level of your yard, creates the illusion of a more spacious backyard.

Simplify Your Design to Eliminate Visual Clutter

With countless design options being built in backyard retreats, it is easy to get caught up in the many elements you could include in your backyard. While many beautiful hardscaping designs use a wide variety of materials and design elements to create visual interest, this strategy is best suited for larger spaces. In small backyards, less is more. Consider a very simple design, using one or two materials and only the necessary structures to avoid visual clutter and create the appearance of a larger spacer.

Choose and Open Design to Maximize Space

Any hardscaping structures built in your backyard should work with the space you have instead of against. Tall fences and large stones walls may make your space feel closed off and even smaller than it actually is. Work with a design expert to create an open design for your space, avoiding an elements that are designed to close your space off from the rest of your yard or even your neighbors yards. If you choose a fence, select a short and open fence, such as a picket fence. If you building a stone wall or a fireplace, chose a design that fits well in your space without taking up too much room.

Choose Your Landscaping Last

While hardscaping and landscaping are very different lawn design elements, they can work together to take full advantage of the space you have available to you. We suggest designing the hardscaping elements of your backyard before installing landscaping. Once this aspect of your home improvement is complete, choose landscaping that fits well in your small space without overwhelming the hardscaping design or adding visual clutter.

At Hinkle Hardscapes, our team can work with you to determine how you can get the most from your small space. To learn more about designing hardscape structures for small backyards, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule an initial design consultation.

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