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Goodbye KC Lawn and Landscaping, Hello Hinkle Hardscapes!

Goodbye KC Lawn and Landscaping, Hello Hinkle Hardscapes!

Hinkle Hardscapes

It’s official! We are thrilled to announce that KC Lawn & Landscaping has officially change it’s name to Hinkle Hardscapes. Since the earliest days of our business, we have offered Kansas City area homeowners access to high quality landscaping and hardscaping services. We first founded our business in 2007, and since then have worked with over 3,500 homeowners to create beautiful outdoor spaces in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. That’s why we say: Goodbye KC Lawn and Landscaping, Hello Hinkle Hardscapes!

When we first launched our business in 2007, we began by offering lawn and landscaping services, custom designed to fit perfectly with the look and feel of each home. But with time, we saw our skill set and our passions shift. Our crew began to receive specialty training, allowing them to create breathtaking decorative patios, firepits, pools, and more.

It wasn’t long before it became evident that the demand for high quality hardscaping work in Kansas City was increasing, and we slowly made the transition away from lawn and landscaping services. Today, we are known as one of the top hardscaping providers in Kansas City, providing everything from patios to fire pits to outdoor kitchens and living rooms.

Now, our company solely offers hardscaping to homeowners in our area. We simply realized that when we focused our efforts on what we were good at, we were able to further increase our skills and offer exceptional work every single time. To eliminate confusion and to clarify our mission as a company, we are officially making the full switch from KC Lawn & Landscaping to Hinkle Hardscaping as of January 1st, 2016.

In addition to our renaming, we have re branded our website to better represent what we do. We have included extensive information about the services we offer as well as a regularly updated blog, focused on answering your questions and keeping you informed about the changes in the hardscaping industry.

We largely owe our success to you, our loyal customers and friends. We know that we couldn’t have grown as quickly without your referrals and positive feedback over the years.  We want to say “Thank You!” We’ve been in business for close to nine years now, and everyday working for Kansas City residents has been rewarding and fun. We hope to continue providing the very best hardscaping to Kansas City for 50 more years, and beyond.

Our team at Hinkle Hardscaping is looking forward to moving ahead with our new name and new brand, but with the same passion for providing you with the best hardscaping services in Kansas City. To learn more about what we offer, or to schedule a free initial hardscaping design consultation, give us a call at 816-608-8870.

Goodbye KC Lawn and Landscaping, Hello Hinkle Hardscapes!

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