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Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With Stamped Concrete

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With Stamped Concrete

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete has many advantages. For one, it looks amazing. A stamped concrete patio really enhances the exterior of any home. It can also make your backyard a more user friendly space. In addition, it is also a very affordable option for most homeowners.

When one of our designers meets with a potential client, they almost always get asked about the pros and cons of utilizing stamped concrete or pavers for their outdoor living project. In short, stamped concrete is an especially great alternative to pavers because the price difference allows homeowners to get the most bang for their buck.

Getting What You Really Want

A stamped concrete patio is generally a few thousand dollars cheaper than one made of pavers. This means that you have more room in your budget to add other hardscape elements. These elements can range from an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, fireplace, pergola, water feature, or even a pizza oven! Just like how you can use a garage epoxy floor coating to spice up your garage affordably, your, stamped concrete can make a smaller budget go a long way.

Stamped Concrete Pricing

So you’re probably wondering — “How much of a price difference are we talking about here?”

Let’s use our most popular package as an example; a patio with a fire pit, seating wall, 2 columns, and 6 under-cap lights.

All of these elements on a 400sqft stamped concrete patio would run you about $13,296. In comparison, a paver patio of the same size with the same elements would cost you a whopping $16,996! By opting for stamped concrete, you’re looking at a savings of nearly $4,000 bucks!

We’re not suggesting that pavers are inferior to stamped concrete by any means, but the fact of the matter is that your budget can go a lot further when you select stamped concrete as the base for your outdoor living project.

A Patio Vs. An Outdoor Living Space

There’s nothing wrong with a simple patio installation. In fact, we do those projects frequently. Yet, there is something much more special about a patio with elements.

Something as simple as a fire pit and seating wall can really bring a space alive. These additions make the space more enjoyable for your family, and also makes entertaining a breeze. From s’mores to ghost stories, singalongs, and roasting hot-dogs, the memories and happy smiles are endless!

Aesthetic Appeal 

Stamped concrete and pavers are both beautiful options. If you like the price point of stamped concrete, but the look of pavers, we have a solution for you! We offer a variety of stamps that can mimic the look of pavers (see picture below).

Stamped concrete also comes in an array of colors that can create a unique look. If you want something more dimensional, we can antique individual areas of concrete to do so.

To Conclude

Stamped concrete really is a great option for your outdoor living space. It can allow you to incorporate additional elements within your budget.

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