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Is the Fall too late to put in an outdoor hardscape?

Is the Fall too late to put in an outdoor hardscape?

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If you live in Kansas City, the short answer is “no, the Fall is not too late to put in an outdoor hardscape project.” If you like coffee in the morning on your patio or a drink at night around a fire pit, then the Fall is a great time to be putting in a hardscape. We can actually pour and install decorative patios up until mid-December typically. Also keep in mind that if you decide to go with a paver patio, we can install that year round because there is no material that needs to cure in certain temperatures like concrete needs.

One of our busiest times of the year is typically Labor Day to Thanksgiving. Mostly due to the fact that once it starts to get a little cooler during the nights, people start to think about sitting around a fire pit, having smores with the kids, etc. Best case scenario is that you think of that in August so it’s ready to go come September, but there are plenty of cool Fall nights in October and November to be sitting out on your new outdoor living area, enjoying the brisk air. Not to mention, you’ll be ready to go for the cool nights in the Spring and for years to come!

So, is the Fall too late to put in an outdoor hardscape? Nope, it’s just the right time. Give us a call anytime to setup a time to speak with one of our Outdoor Living Specialist about your outdoor living project ideas.

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