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Dreaming of Having Your Own Pool?

Dreaming of Having Your Own Pool?

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If you weren’t able to squeeze in enough pool visits this summer, maybe it’s time to consider designing an oasis of your own. Imagine having a refreshing getaway right in your backyard; ready for quick cooldowns on sweltering days or afternoons spent relaxing in the shade. Swimming pools make for stunning outdoor living spaces, and they appeal to the entire family. Best of all, having a pool is easier and more economical than you think!

If you’re interested in a Kansas City swimming pool, we highly recommend looking into the pros and cons of each material option. Our years of experience have led us to exclusively work with fiberglass. These pools are durable enough to withstand our harsh KC winters, low-maintenance, and quickly installed.

Read on for an overview of all the benefits that come with fiberglass pool ownership. Hopefully, this rundown will aid your decision-making process; whether you’re looking to install a pool as soon as possible, or just beginning research for a future project.

Fiberglass Installation is Quick and Easy

If quick and easy aren’t the first adjectives that you’d associate with pool projects, you haven’t experienced a fiberglass pool installation. Finalizing design and material selections is often the most time-consuming part of the process. The ease of fiberglass installations stems from their design as a single unit. Once the hole is dug, it’s only a matter of setting the shell and completing any hardscaping elements. You could be swimming in as little as two weeks following the start of construction!

Fiberglass Pools are Durable and Low-Maintenance

Material matters; especially when making a long-term investment. Fiberglass is the most durable of the pool materials. Unlike gunite or vinyl liners, it never requires patching, resurfacing, or replacing. Our fiberglass pools are warrantied for life – a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in their durability. Fiberglass pools not only have a longer lifespan, but they are also easier and cheaper to maintain.

Fiberglass Pools are Economical

Fiberglass has a competitive initial value; only liners come in at a lower price point. That smaller figure may seem appealing, but vinyl pools require frequent maintenance that adds up over time. With fiberglass, additional expenses are minimal. They’re compatible with all water types and need little chemical maintenance.

Fiberglass Pools are Gorgeous

With the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles available to choose from, fiberglass pools can be beautifully integrated into any backyard. Whether you’re in the market for something modern and linear, or natural and freeform; you’re sure to find a model that compliments your current outdoor space or sets the tone for a new one!

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Fiberglass pools have been so popular this season, our queue is booked out until next fall. Give us a call at (816) 608-8870 or book an appointment on our website to snag one of the few remaining spots on our 2021 installation list! The quicker you contact us, the sooner we can have you swimming. We can’t wait to show you how a fiberglass pool would make a splash in your backyard!


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