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Should I Choose a Gas or Wood Burning Fire Pit?

Should I Choose a Gas or Wood Burning Fire Pit?

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Fall has officially arrived in Kansas City and the cooler temperatures couldn’t be more welcome after an incredibly hot and humid summer. No Autumn bucket list is complete without plans to roast marshmallows over an open fire. If you plan to spend your evenings enjoying the cool temperatures the next few months have to offer, the addition of an outdoor living space is the perfect home improvement project for you.

Including a fire pit in your backyard is a surefire way to create the perfect atmosphere for fall evenings spent outdoors. A fire pit allows you to keep your space warm when the temperatures drop after dark as well as giving you a means to prepare a casual meal over an open fire. The addition of a fire pit raises an important questions for most homeowners: should I choose a gas or wood burning fire pit? If you are considering the addition of a fire pit this fall, continue reading to compare these two options.

The Pros and Cons of a Wood Burning Fire Pit

For many homeowners, the desire for a wood burning fire pit comes from a love of the ambience it provides. There is nothing quite like sitting around a warm fire, listening to the popping of burning wood. Wood is easier to secure in a pinch, making it a convenient choice. Additionally, wood is simpler for cooking and puts off more heat than a gas fire pit.

A wood burning fire pit is not without setbacks. Both creating and extinguishing a fire can be time consuming when using wood. Additionally, some cities or homeowner’s associations may have rules against burning wood within a certain distance of a home.



Wood Burning Fire Pit

The Pros and Cons of a Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits are popular for the convenience they provide when starting or extinguishing a fire. A gas fire pit can be turned on in a matter of seconds and the flames can be automatically extinguished without waiting for the flames to die down. Additionally, gas fire pits can be used in most cities and homeowner’s associations without need for a wire cover.

There are safety concerns when working with propane gas. Gas fire pits require proper ventilation and must be installed by a professional who understands the risks associated with a poorly designed gas fire pit.


Gas Fire Pit

Always Consult a Professional

Whether you choose wood burning or gas, a fire pit should always be installed after consulting a professional. A hardscaping expert will understand how to safely install this feature in your outdoor space and will have knowledge of any local laws concerning outdoor fire features.
If you are a homeowner living in Kansas City or the surrounding areas and you are looking to create the perfect outdoor space for entertaining friends and family this Autumn, the team at Hinkle Hardscapes is eager to help. We can help you explore the different design and functional options available and we will make sure the safety of your family and home is our top priority. To get started, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule an initial design consultation.

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