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Double-Decker Entertainment

Double-Decker Entertainment

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Raised decks are the best way to maximize outdoor space, especially if you’re working with a small plot. They add living area on the second floor, while also providing coverage on the ground level. Regardless of headroom, this under-deck space is valuable square footage that should be used to your advantage. Structures that sit lower to the ground can be enlivened with landscaping, enclosed for additional storage, or made into kids-only play zones. For porches with more than 8 feet of clearance, the possibilities are endless! These areas can be screened in, leveled for patio installation, or, our personal favorite, converted into outdoor living rooms. In this month’s transformation blog, we’re showing you how we did just that with this gorgeous Liberty makeover.


Before our arrival, our clients were struggling to utilize their awkward backyard. The cramped concrete slabs were too small to furnish, which prevented them from enjoying either of the covered patios. Designer Nick Knight rose to the challenge! He met with the family to discuss the elements on their hardscaping wishlist, determine the functions of their new outdoor space, and select materials better suited to their personal style. The agreed-upon plan would maximize their living area and achieve a more functional, aesthetically pleasing design.


Once their spot in the construction queue arrived, the crew got to work removing the old concrete, deck, and pergola. To minimize disorder on jobs that require extensive demolition, we keep a dumpster on site and clean the yard at the end of each day. The homeowners bid adieu to the treated timber and brushed concrete in exchange for composite decking and pavers.


The new deck was enlarged both length and widthwise. Attaching the pergola established a sense of continuity and eliminated two posts to keep the patio below as open as possible.

Because the lawn had a slight slope, a retaining wall was needed to support the larger floor plan. The resulting landscaping bed will collect runoff, camouflage the footings, and add color to the yard.

Extending the pavers beyond the coverage of the deck created a spacious environment with plenty of room for large social gatherings. The step down to the yard is defined by a border of Charcoal Holland Stone. This accent adds visual intrigue and calls attention to the elevation change.

With composite deck boards; fading, splintering, and staining are worries of the past. The black aluminum railings are unobtrusive, focusing the view on the yard below.

The porch is perfect for fair weather, but when temps venture into the extremes, the party can continue below deck! Because the roofing keeps the space insulated, shady, and dry, it can truly be treated as an extension of the home. Our clients opted for a tv and dining area to accompany their outdoor kitchen. The lightweight furniture can easily be moved amongst the open-air, partially shaded, and fully sheltered zones to suit the occasion and climate.


Beneath the pergola, the grill island has all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. With granite countertops, a side burner, refrigerator, built-in trash can, and stainless steel storage; the only thing missing is a pitmaster.


The final result – a two-story outdoor living room that can be used for relaxing and entertaining all year long!

Never let square footage go to waste. If you’re struggling with an under-deck area or any other facet of your yard, visit our website or give us a call at 816-608-8870. We love helping homeowners make the most of their outdoor spaces!


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