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Creating The Perfect Patio Design For Your Family

Creating The Perfect Patio Design For Your Family

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Creating the perfect outdoor living space can be overwhelming. There are so many design options and components to consider when planning a patio project. Between Pinterest, and your neighbor’s backyard, it seems like there is endless inspiration to choose from. Often times, this mind racing can have homeowners second guessing every aspect of their project. The team at Hinkle Hardscapes wants to make the process as easy as possible for homeowners. Our designers came up with a list of five questions every homeowner should ask themselves when planning a hardscape project. We hope that this information helps you pinpoint the direction of your outdoor living space.

What Will The Space Be Used For?

First and foremost, how will you use the space, and why are you building it? Is your goal to create a relaxing oasis, or a party palace for your friends and family? Perhaps you want something specifically for your annual family reunion or 4th of July party? Whatever your reason is, Hinkle Hardscapes can incorporate elements that will enhance the experience.

If you’re looking for relaxation, a water feature could be a perfect addition to a patio project. If you want to create a family retreat in your backyard, a fire pit and seating wall combo is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Maybe you want to host the Super Bowl party every year? A weston wall grill station with a concrete countertop could be just the ticket.

When you get a bid from Hinkle Hardscapes, make sure to tell the designer what your goal is for the space. Believe it or not, it makes a huge difference in the design approach they take.

How Many People Will Be Using The Patio?

How many people will be enjoying your outdoor living space? It’s important that your hardscape designer is aware of this before beginning construction. If you host a lot of celebrations and dinner parties, chances are high that you’ll want your patio bigger than you think. Most homeowners just look at the square footage when they get a bid back. Instead, they should consider furniture arrangements and the amount of people that will utilize the space. Many of our clients end up increasing the size of their patio. You’ll never regret spending a little more to have that extra space for entertaining.

Enjoyment For All Ages

Nearly all of our past clients place an emphasis on creating a space that can be used by everyone in the family. Yes, everyone has a vision in mind, but it’s important to utilize the creative talents of our designers to find something for everyone. For the kids, a well-designed outdoor living space will ensure safety. This is part of the reason why no matter who you deal with on the Hinkle Team, they’ll more than likely bring up lighting packages. They’ll ensure no one trips on loose items and also set the perfect backdrop for evening parties. For the adults, we’re talking a grill and some nice outdoor furniture. This revamped space should allow you to relax after a long day, so maybe even a soothing water feature might be needed! In the end, the goal behind a outdoor living project is to allow everyone to enjoy it!

How Long Do You Plan To Stay At This House?

Prior to embarking on any home renovation project, it’s important to ask yourself this question. How long do you realistically see yourself living in this home? If you plan on moving in the next year or two, we can’t say we’d recommend installing a new 40’ fiberglass pool. However, for those envisioning at least a couple more years in your current residence, you might just be the perfect match for a new outdoor space. A major reason behind this is the ability for it to increase the home value. Obviously, this depends on the quality of contractor you choose, but the possibility is out there! With this said, even if you see yourself moving in a year or two, a nice paver patio with a fire-pit and seating wall setup could give you a few years of enjoyment, as well as a little raise in home value!

Can I Add To My Plan In The Future?

No matter what the project entails, an outdoor living project is a significant investment. If done correctly, this investment is sure to be a one-time charge. However, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to have a larger vision in mind, but the budget prevents this from all getting built at once. For these prospective clients, our designers like to craft a landscape that is beautiful and functional as-is, while allowing for future elements to be implemented. Maybe this means doing a little bit this summer, then adding more aspects in future years. To give you an example, we’ve had plenty of clients start with one of our most popular packages: (1) Paver or Stamped Concrete Patio, (2) Weston Wall Fire-Pit, and (3) Weston Wall Seating Wall. You can’t go wrong with this! Assuming the backyard size permits this, you could still have room for future additions. Fiberglass pool? Paver walkway? Fireplace? Water Feature? The possibilities are endless!

The Perfect Family Space

When it’s all said and done, an outdoor living project might just provide you the best bang for your buck! It’ll impress guests at your parties, provide the perfect area for creating long-lasting memories, and even increase the overall value of your home if built correctly. Got your vision ready or would like to learn from one of our awesome hardscape architects?  Give us a call at (816) 608-8870 to schedule a free consultation with Hinkle Hardscapes.

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