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How To Create Your Dream Backyard With 3D Modeling

How To Create Your Dream Backyard With 3D Modeling

3d modeling backyard

Dreaming of a yard that matches the beauty of your home and creates the perfect space for entertaining? It’s time to take action and make that dream a reality!

Trying to imagine what your dream yard will actually look like within the space you have available is near impossible, but lucky for you, there is a tool meant just for that, ​3D Modeling​. Avoid the stress of hiring a landscaper to re-draw and re-create your yard as you attempt to explain your dream designs. 3D Modeling is quick, adjustable, and easy to use.

Visualize exactly how your yard will look with your chosen designs, bring them to life with 3D videos that show you the ins and outs of how your project will look. Take it step-by-step or design it all at once, it’s up to you.

What Is It?

3D Modeling is a powerful design tool that accounts for every detail and dimension in your dream yard. By creating a complete rendering of your home and yard, you can create a comprehensive design that provides a clear picture of potential traffic zones, seating options, placement of cozy or open spaces, and other essential details that otherwise might be overlooked or ignored.

When designing your dream yard, every angle and every detail needs to be considered. 3D Modeling allows you to take into account possible lighting, different textures, unique perspectives, viewpoints, and more from all around your property.

3d modeling dream backyard


Wonder how your dream yard may look at night with outdoor lighting? 3D Modeling can show you that, too.

Use 3D Modeling to Create The Perfect Space

Gone are the days when all you need is a swing set and a grill in your backyard. The desire to take full advantage of your yard space is growing, the want to be proud of your space and host outdoor gatherings where everyone — or just you and your family — can be comfortable and cozy.

The key to creating the most comfortable space is planning. Figure out what looks and works best for you and your yard, and don’t settle for a preset that seems forced.

The worst situations happen when you have an idea in your head, and then the delivery is just not there. Or maybe it looked better in your head than it does in real life. The disappointment of a crushed dream along with the realization that you’ve invested in a yard that looks nothing like you wanted hangs over your head. 3D Modeling provides a system that allows you to prevent those situations and get it right the first time around.

Imagination is the limit with 3D Modeling — set up a basic yard design or create something new and unique. Plan out the small details like trees, shrubs, and mulch, or pick out colors, themes, material type, and design. Let yourself play around and discover what exactly suits your home.

How Does 3D Modeling Aid Project Management?

You can approach the project with a solid plan knowing exactly what to expect. Careful planning gives the contractor a better idea of what materials will be needed and what the project should cost, without having to overestimate too much for errors. With everything preplanned and predesigned, your project is more likely to stay on schedule from start to finish.

This means that there is no excuse not to pre-plan and design your yard — if you are provided with the opportunity to create a trial run of your dream design, take it. Would you rather design your yard to perfection, or suffer from poor planning and inaccurate delivery?

3d modeling dream backyard


If you’re interested to bring your dreams to life and see what a fun and functional outdoor living space would look like in YOUR home, please give us a call at (816) 608-8870 or ​book an appointment on our website​, and we’ll be happy to team you up with one of our experienced designers to show you precisely what you can expect with 3D Modeling.

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