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Contemporary Liberty Poolscape

Contemporary Liberty Poolscape


We’re celebrating the end of summer with an inside look at one of our favorite pool installs of the season! Modern design can get a bad rap for being “boring”, but this striking Liberty project is anything but. Wondering what it takes to bring a makeover of this magnitude to fruition? Keep reading to see the preparation, construction, and materials that went into achieving this contemporary poolscape.

contemporary liberty poolscape   contemporary liberty poolscape

Phase 1: Design

contemporary liberty poolscape

Each of our projects begins with a consultation. During this appointment, our team meets with the client to discuss their goals and budget, assess their property, and draft a design. These homeowners reached out to us because they had outgrown their small concrete slab and deck. They were in the market for a backyard that would appeal to the entire family – a space fun enough to convince their kiddos to spend time outdoors, but still sophisticated enough to host happy hour. Kid-friendly and refined? No challenge for our talented designers. They prepared a plan that would optimize their narrow lot and accentuate clean lines for a sleek, modern look. We presented this 3D rendering of the final layout to help the family visualize their future backyard.

Phase 2: Material Selections

contemporary liberty poolscape

Once the orientation and arrangement of elements had been determined, it was time to pick out colors and finishes! Material selections is the stage where you can unleash your creativity and tailor your space to reflect your home and personality. The biggest decision on this project was the pool. The homeowners selected Imagine’s Illusion 35’ – a striking rectilinear model with a large tanning ledge. Imagine’s fiberglass pools come in seven gelcoat colors. These clients were our first to select the Volcanic Black shade, and boy did their courage pay off! The inky drama makes a statement by emphasizing the shell’s stark shape. The dark finish also complements their home’s architecture, echoing the form and hue of its many windows in a true testament to Modernist landscape design. The focus on clean lines extends into the Slate Grey concrete deck in a kaleidoscope of decorative saw cuts.

Phase 3: Construction

Looking at the gorgeous finished product, it’s difficult to believe that the yard was a mud pit merely a month prior. Pool projects require intensive demo and prep, even when working with a lawn as flat as this property’s. The reality of the situation is that things will get messy, VERY messy, before your vision starts to take shape. Luckily, fiberglass has the quickest installation of any pool type. Whereas vinyl and gunite projects will have you living in an active construction zone for months, fiberglass installations can go from inception to completion within a few short weeks! The client’s yard didn’t require any major grading, so the first order of business was digging a hole for the pool. The pit was excavated according to the dimensions of their fiberglass shell, then a gravel bed was laid and compacted to form a solid base.

Next up was delivery! The pool was hoisted over the house and lowered into position via crane. The crew then double checked levels and began outfitting the shell for plumbing. When the necessary PVC was in place, they moved on to backfilling. During this step, water is poured into the pool at the same rate that the hole is filled with gravel in order to maintain equal pressure on either side of the fiberglass walls.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a pool! With the perimeter of the shell reinforced with rebar, all was in place to install the coping and decking. Once the concrete had cured, blue chalk was used to delineate where the decorative cuts would be made.

For their final large decision – the pool cover – the homeowners opted for an automatic model from Coverstar. Not only are these lids an essential safety feature, but they also reduce energy costs by minimizing heat loss and water evaporation. A design bonus – the grey fabric they selected blends seamlessly with the concrete for a clean look whenever the cover is deployed.

The transformative effects of outdoor lighting are not to be underestimated. That’s why we discuss LED placement at the very beginning of the design process. These pool lights from PAL are automated, giving you control over thousands of color options right from your phone. This feature enables you to transform the mood of your backyard with the push of a button. Go red to celebrate a Chiefs victory, blue for an evening cocktail party, or rainbow for an unforgettable nighttime swim experience; the possibilities are endless.

We want our pool clients to spend their time swimming and sunbathing, not stressing about maintenance. Fortunately, fiberglass’s non-abrasive, non-porous surface makes for the simplest chemical upkeep in the industry. The homeowners may have had to endure a torn up yard for a few days, but now that the shell is installed, it will never have to be drained, replaced, or resurfaced. All of the details come together to create a modern and refined poolscape that’s anything but cookie-cutter! A backyard that’s beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain – now that’s a playground perfect for kids and adults alike.

After coping with the stresses of the past two years, we could all use a getaway. With a fiberglass pool, stepping out to your backyard feels like checking into a luxury spa. There are still a few spots left in our 2022 installation queue. Give us a call at 816-608-8870 or visit our website to schedule a consultation, and it won’t be long before you’re unwinding in a pool of your own.

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