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Consider Plumbing or Drainage Issues before Starting Your Next Outdoor Project

Consider Plumbing or Drainage Issues before Starting Your Next Outdoor Project

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Outdoor patios are wonderful for relaxing after a long day at the office, entertaining company, barbecuing, and for additional curb appeal.  Regardless of whether you’re considering a paver patio or another type of patio that may be located below the grade, it’s important to think about any plumbing or drainage issues. The last thing you want is water floating up between your pavers, or a concrete patio that stays wet or damp because of drainage issues!  Before you start digging (if you’re a do-it-yourselfer) or have someone else build your patio, think about any problems that could potentially develop because of rain, melting snow or ice, etc.

When your patio turns into a pond, it can be a danger to your home as well if the attached living space is at the level of your patio.  This means unwanted (and damaging) moisture could not only spoil your patio, but infiltrate your living spaces.  What to do?

Depending on the situation, you may want to consider installing a sump pump, drain tile, or combination of the two.  Another option is to create a slope at the base of your patio that will send water away from your home and patio.  However, if you’re not really into changing the landscape or figuring how much of a grade you’ll need to the base for every linear foot of your patio surface, it’s probably easier to have a professional install a drain system or sump pump.

Drain Pipe Installed Under Pavers

Regardless of whether your paver patio is located below the grade or fairly level, there are some soils that simply don’t drain quickly.  Most Kansas City homeowners have experienced an area in their landscape that seems to stay wet or moist forever.  In either case, you may want to consider installing a patio drain that ties into PVC pipe.  The drain pipe is placed below the pavers and in a direction that will ensure water flows out to an area that can accommodate the water.  One important note here:  make sure the water does not drain into a ditch or storm drain.

In the event your patio is not connected to your home and is placed in another location on your property, drainage can still be a problem.  In this situation you may want to consider a French drain.

Sump Pumps Installed Outdoors

We all know many people have sump pumps installed in their basements, but what’s the purpose of having one installed outdoors?  Simple – to remove water!  One example is a home with a walkout basement in which the level of the ground/doors that exit the home are lower than the grade.  What happens when you build a patio at the walkout basement level?  The patio literally turns into a lake.  No one wants to look out the basement door to see two or three feet of water standing.  The solution?  An outdoor sump pump installed by a Kansas City rooter services expert.

Builders aren’t usually thinking of the potential water problems a home could have when constructing a patio.  Even though drain tile may have been installed along the edge of the patio that is connected to the interior sump pit, water doesn’t always have sufficient time to work its way through pavers and into the drain tile when it rains.  Water, regardless of its source, has to have a place to go; when it can’t get to the sump pit quickly enough, you have a flooding problem on your hands!

Other plumbing issues you want to address depend on whether you intend to use your patio as an “outdoor kitchen” of sorts, complete with running water, gas grill, etc. are plumbing lines, the source of water to your outdoor sink, etc.

A patio, regardless of whether it’s designed of pavers, concrete, or other material can be the most relaxing and inviting area on your property.  If you’re considering a patio, be sure to contact a reputable Kansas City plumbing expert to ensure you don’t face costly headaches in the future.

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This post was provided by our friends at Bob Hamilton. Bob Hamilton provides plumbing, rooter and HVAC service, repair and new installation in the Greater Kansas City metro area.  For more installation on Bob Hamilton Plumbing Heating A/C Rooter, visit their website (https://www.bobhamiltonplumbing.com) as well as Bob Hamilton on Facebook as well as Bob Hamilton on Google+.

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