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A Closer Look at a Pool Project in Riverside, Missouri

A Closer Look at a Pool Project in Riverside, Missouri

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In this month’s transformation blog, we’re taking a closer look at a pool project we recently completed in Riverside, Missouri! Clients often come to us concerned that their space is too small, sloped, or wooded to accommodate a pool. Luckily, our vendor, Latham Pools, carries an excellent selection of shell shapes, sizes, and styles. With their diverse product range, there’s a fiberglass model for nearly every property; and this job is a testament to that!

pool project riverside

These homeowners started with an ample amount of green space, but they were afraid that the slope of their yard would rule out a pool. On the contrary! So long as the shell is set within fifty percent native soil, it will be completely sound. That ratio is achievable even when working with dramatic slopes.

3D Rendering

Their project began with a consultation. Our designer Rebecca Christus devised a layout that would take advantage of their large side yard, while still maintaining privacy. The family selected Latham’s Corinthian 14 – a sleek rectangular pool with an attached tanning ledge. It can be difficult to visualize a project from a drawing alone, so Rebecca made this 3D rendering to help them envision the transformation.

pool project riverside

When their spot in the construction queue arrived, Rebecca passed the torch along to the crew. The first order of business was bringing in an excavator to level the yard and dig the hole for the shell.

pool project riverside

A separate contractor was responsible for installing the limestone support walls. Once he had finished the terracing, it was time for the pool delivery! The shell was hoisted into the yard via crane and meticulously set into the ground.

pool project riverside

With the pool placed and filled, the crew moved on to installing the project’s hardscaping elements. First and foremost was pouring the concrete. The brushed deck features decorative diamond cuts; while the coping, border, and steps were done in the shade Mesa to provide dimension. We included a channel drain around the outskirts of the pool to protect against any large cannonball splashes.

pool project riverside

Walled pergolas on opposite corners of the deck provide privacy from neighboring homes and the street below. Matching cedar was used to create an enclosure for the pool equipment.

walled pergola installation kansas city

The homeowners protected their investment with a grey automatic safety cover. In this photo, you can see what the pool looks like with the cover deployed. Not only are these lids the safest cover option available; they also minimize chemical maintenance and reduce heating and electricity costs! During the off-season, the family will be able to enjoy their outdoor space by roasting smores and telling stories around the Aspen blend Weston Wall fire pit.

pool safety cover

Time for the final reveal! Before we arrived, our clients were struggling to utilize their sloped corner lot. By leveling the yard with retaining walls, installing a timeless, rectangular pool, and enlivening the space with complementary concrete, stone, and wood finishes; we transformed their hilly lawn into a gorgeous backyard escape. Whether they’re hosting parties, swimming laps, or catching up around the campfire, this KC family is finally able to take full advantage of their incredible property!

covered deck

Is your yard falling short of its full potential? Visit our website, or give us a call at (816) 608-8870. We’ll be happy to provide more information on fiberglass pools, or help you take the first steps towards achieving your dream outdoor living space like this pool project in Riverside!

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