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Should I Choose a Kansas City Pergola or a Covered Structure?

Should I Choose a Kansas City Pergola or a Covered Structure?

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Bringing shade to your backyard is an important aspect of designing the perfect outdoor retreat for your home. If you haven’t already noticed, you will soon realize that there are basically two main categories of shaded structures you can choose from: pergolas or covered structures such as a covered patio or deck.

Choosing between the two requires an understanding of the differences between these structures as well as a clear vision for your outdoor space. Here is the basic information you need to choose between a pergola or a covered structure.

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What’s the Difference Between a Pergola and a Covered Deck?


One of the biggest differences between a covered patio or deck and a pergola is the way they are supported. A covered structure is actually installed as an extension of your home, connecting directly to the outdoor wall nearest the patio or deck you wish to cover. In comparison, a pergola doesn’t attach to the house. It is an independently supported structure, providing shade to the area of your backyard you have chosen.


Another difference between the two is the overall look and design. Covered patios are truly an extension of your home. You can get really creative with the materials you choose to incorporate.

Pergolas are beautiful and built entirely out of high quality wood in the design of your choosing. They are aesthetically pleasing  and offer a foundation for climbing plants.

Coverage & Privacy

Compared to covered patios, pergolas actually do not have a roof. If you are concerned about protecting your furniture from the unpredictable weather, a covered structure is probably the best option for you. If you’re looking for privacy, a covered structure allows you to build walls to protect yourself from prying neighbors.

Price & Timeline 

Pergolas are going to be more affordable than covered structures. Covered structures will also take a lot longer to build. Keep in mind, you will need to get a permit for a covered structure.

Which Shaded Structure is Best for Your Backyard Space?

If convenience and shade is your main goal, a covered structure would be a fine choice for your backyard space. These large structures can actually save on energy costs if they are place in a particularly sunny area. If you have a room that is blasted by heat from the sun, place the covered structure adjacent to that area. You can also incorporate lighting and fans, which makes the space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Pergolas, on the other hand, are much more design conscious. Built from high quality wood, they look beautiful in an backyard space and can be stained by any Kansas City painting company to fit your design vision for your space. When well maintained, their solid structure can bring shade to your backyard for many years to come. You can attach a variety of lighting fixtures to utilize the area at any time of day.

If you are interested in installing a shaded structure in your outdoor space, Hinkle Hardscapes has extensive experience building beautiful and solid pergolas and covered structures for Kansas City homeowners. Our team can work with you to create a detailed vision for your space, guaranteeing your satisfaction when the job is complete.

To learn more about the hardscaping services we provide, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule a hardscape design consultation with the team at Hinkle Hardscapes.

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