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Should I Choose A Fire Pit Or Fireplace?

Should I Choose A Fire Pit Or Fireplace?

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Winter weather has finally arrived in Kansas City. With all of the cold and snow you may be finding yourself inside at this point, but on those cool 50 degree nights that are only a couple months away, you may be wishing you had a firepit or fireplace to warm up in your backyard. Whether you choose a firepit, or a fireplace, you can’t go wrong either way. Both provide warmth to your backyard retreat and can create the perfect environment for gathering friends and family together. So, let’s look further into this question of “Should I Choose a Firepit or a Fireplace?”Choosing between a firepit or fireplace is influenced by a wide variety of factors. Before making a choice, it is important to consider your budget and the vision you have for your outdoor space. Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of both firepits and fireplaces.

Big Cost Difference 

The first, and perhaps that most important, thing to consider is the big cost difference that exists between firepits and fireplaces. When you work with Hinkle Hardscapes, you can expect installing a firepit in your backyard to cost between $1500 and $5000 depending on materials used. Most firepits we install are $1500, but they can go much higher if a homeowner wants to use higher cost stones, blocks, etc. In comparison, a fireplace typically costs no less than $6000 and can cost as much as $25,000+ depending on the size of the fireplace and the materials used.

Difference In Impact

If your budget and the cost of installing a firepit or a fireplace doesn’t make the decision for you, there are certainly other factors to consider. These two structures have a very different impact on the look of your backyard. In a fireplace you can have a much larger fire. Because of this, a fireplace can easily become the focal point of your backyard, the structure every other element is centered around. Largely due to it’s size, a fireplace looks awkward alone and will need to be surrounded by other hardscaping structures. Fireplaces also require a large backyard and a large patio, since they take up so much space.

In comparison, a firepit is much smaller. When you install a firepit, you are simply adding a very small element to your patio. Because of this, they are a great fit for a smaller backyard or for homeowners who are not looking to completely remodel their outdoor space.

Similarities Between A Fireplace And Firepit

Although fireplaces and firepits vary greatly, they also share many similarities. No matter what you choose, both can be gas or wood burning. At Hinkle Hardscapes, you also have to option to choose between a wide variety of materials for constructing your firepit or fireplace, including brick and natural stone.

To learn more about the different fireplace and firepit designs available at Hinkle Hardscapes, contact a team member by clicking here or calling 816-608-8870 to schedule an initial hardscaping design consultation.

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