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Book Now and Have Your Outdoor Space Ready For The Holidays

Book Now and Have Your Outdoor Space Ready For The Holidays

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Here in Kansas City, the school year is in full swing. The slow pace of summer is being replaced by busy weekdays full of school, work, sports and band practice. No matter what your family schedule looks like this fall, we know the holiday season is just around the corner. During the school year, it isn’t as easy to set aside time to connect with the most important people in your life, making the holiday season even more valuable. As you settle into your autumn routine, don’t forget to look ahead to the holidays and begin preparing your outdoor living space for family gatherings.

Why An Outdoor Space is Perfect For Holiday Season Family Gatherings

Even with the arrival of colder weather, you shouldn’t shrug off using your outdoor living space as a venue for hosting family and friends during the holiday season. During mild weather, you can use heaters to keep your space warm enough for an outdoor meal. When it is colder outside, consider punctuating family get-togethers with warm drinks around an outdoor fireplace or firepit. No matter what you have planned for the holiday season, a beautiful and well designed outdoor retreat is the perfect way to welcome the people you love into your home.

Why Autumn is The Time to Add Hardscaping to Your Backyard

Many homeowners feel limited to the warmer months when they begin thinking about an overhaul to their outdoor space. In reality, Autumn is an excellent time to add hardscaping structures to your backyard. Since your children are in school, you are using the space less frequently making the time spent installing structures and updating the space less of an inconvenience for your family.

Keep in mind that the ground during cold months will need special preparation for the addition of hardscaping structures. This is why it is so important to work with well trained hardscaping professionals, like the team at Hinkle Hardscapes, who understand exactly what goes into making sure every hardscaping structure has the strong foundation needed to make it durable enough for the changing weather we experience in the midwest.

Why You Should Book Now

With your children back in a school, your schedule has changed and your family is busier than ever. The same is true for Hinkle Hardscapes! Autumn is popular time for our business and our team is finding their days full of projects for homeowners all over Kansas City. If you are planning to make changes to your outdoor living space before the holidays, now is the time to book! Begin your project with a hardscaping design consultation and our team will get started making over your space as soon as possible.

To learn more about the hardscaping services we provide, click here or call (816) 608-8870 to schedule a visit with the team at Hinkle Hardscapes.

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