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You Should Avoid A Hardscape Contractor If…

You Should Avoid A Hardscape Contractor If…

Zach Patio

Hiring a hardscape contractor can often be a tedious and exhausting experience. It seems that there are nearly an infinite number of businesses claiming to offer the best service at the best price. So how do you pick the right contractor for your project?

You no doubt want someone that has top quality skills and who will work within your budget. You also want someone that you can trust and who has experience in the industry. Continue reading to learn a few red flags that will hopefully help you avoid the unfavorable hardscape contractors.

They don’t share photos.

A hardscape contractor doesn’t need a fancy website or a custom portfolio to be good at their job. However, if a contractor doesn’t have photos, they may not be proud of their work. When you are on the hunt for a contractor, make sure you ask for photos of the jobs they’ve completed. Watch out for clickbait. Sometimes contractors will share photos that are not of their work.

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They don’t have references.

Some hardscape contractors are just good salesmen. References can tell you a lot about the quality of work you can expect from a contractor. Your contractor should be able to give you a list of previous clients that you can reach out to.

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They don’t have insurance.

When you hire a hardscape contractor, make sure that they are insured. Mistakes can be avoided with proper training and guidance, but the reality is that accidents happen. At Hinkle Hardscapes we have insurance to protect our clients and employees.

They don’t have workers’ compensation.

If a crew member gets injured on your property you could be liable. From bee stings to equipment malfunctions, even the most experienced contractors need protection for their employees. Workers’ compensation coverage is a large expense for business owners. This expense is one of the reasons why prices will vary between contractors.

They don’t have experience.

Hardscaping is a highly complex craft. It requires design thought and accurate calculations. It’s not just as simple as laying down rocks. Many believe that they can be a contractor with the help of Google. The reality is that good hardscape contractors have years of experience and training. If you are going to pay someone to complete your hardscape project, make sure that they can meet your expectations. Sometimes the contractor with the best deal isn’t the guy you should hire.

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