Covered Structures – The Gold Standard for Outdoor Entertainment

Hinkle Hardscapes may be known for patio work, but our expertise doesn’t end there! We are your custom hardscaping solution for fireplaces, grill stations, pergolas, and fiberglass pools. If you’re adding an outdoor entertainment space in the new year, there’s one feature that will go the extra mile to create an unforgettable experience – covered […]

Outdoor Living Space Inspiration

Planning an outdoor living area can be overwhelming. You may be stuck between ideas, struggling to fit your criteria into one space, or at a loss as to where to start. Whatever phase of day-dreaming or decision-making you’re in, we’ve got your back! Keep reading for outdoor living space inspiration.

A Closer Look at a Pool Project in Riverside, Missouri

In this month’s transformation blog, we’re taking a closer look at a pool project we recently completed in Riverside, Missouri! Clients often come to us concerned that their space is too small, sloped, or wooded to accommodate a pool. Luckily, our vendor, Latham Pools, carries an excellent selection of shell shapes, sizes, and styles. With […]

What to Look for in a Contractor

Transforming backyards into outdoor living environments is no simple task. Hiring the right contractor is crucial when it comes to tackling these large projects. The ideal candidate will maintain a positive relationship throughout the construction process by being communicative, easily accessible, and well versed in your scope of work.

Which Type Of Fire Pit Is Right For You — Gas Or Wood?

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting chillier, it’s the perfect time for spending evenings by the fire. Fireplaces and fire pits are beautiful design features that increase the usability of outdoor living spaces. If your backyard renovation includes a fire element, you’ll have to decide between gas-burning or wood-burning. While both have […]

From Builder’s-Grade to Custom-Made

If you love entertaining and hosting friends and family, you’ll definitely want to take a look at September’s project spotlight! In this blog, we’re showing you how we transformed a builder’s grade backyard into a stunning, year-round custom made entertainment space.

Dreaming of Having Your Own Pool?

If you weren’t able to squeeze in enough pool visits this summer, maybe it’s time to consider designing an oasis of your own. Imagine having a refreshing getaway right in your backyard; ready for quick cooldowns on sweltering days or afternoons spent relaxing in the shade. Swimming pools make for stunning outdoor living spaces, and […]

Backyard Transformation: From Rubble to Sleek Outdoor Living Area

Throughout our 13 years as a company, Hinkle Hardscapes has worked with every type of yard. We have the experience to tackle any challenge your property may present. In this month’s blog, we’re giving you the inside scoop on a project with an unexpectedly complicated demo. Read on to see how this backyard was transformed […]

Stamped Concrete Or Pavers: Which One Is Right For Your Outdoor Patio?

Patios are the foundation of outdoor living spaces. Without them, backyards can seem bare or incomplete. They provide gathering areas, set the tone for design, and allow for the installation of other hardscaping elements. Best of all, with a wide array of colors and textures available to choose from, they can be customized to reflect […]