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We’re ending 2021 with a bang by showcasing one of our most popular projects of the year! Sleek, stunning, and state-of-the-art don’t quite cut it when describing this Olathe backyard. Trust us when we say that this transformation is not one to miss. Keep reading for the grand tour of a sensational entertainment space that doesn’t cut any corners.


This new build’s backyard was an open canvas. With the only site challenge being a slight slope, our team was able to focus on the client’s goals and vision. They wanted a contemporary outdoor living or outdoor entertainment area to complement their beautiful home. The ticket items on their checklist included a pool, covered structure, outdoor kitchen, and fire feature.

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Don’t be fooled by the end result; building a custom outdoor living or outdoor entertainment space is not a glamorous process. This project underwent multiple phases throughout its four-month production, and many of them weren’t pretty. Construction photos are excellent tools for conveying the extent of a transformation. These images in particular show the heavy-duty equipment and disarray that may be present during different stages of installation. Although these renovations require immense time and technique, a beautiful, long-lasting, and the functional finished product is definitely worth the investment.

Pool Area

Pool clients are always eager to pick out their fiberglass shell, so this selection tends to kick off the planning process and establish an overall aesthetic for the space. These homeowners went with Latham’s Monaco – a generously sized 16′ x 40′ model. Its rectilinear shape influenced the refined elegance of the surrounding design. Color is an often overlooked facet of pool projects. Many people don’t realize that you can customize the hue and finish of your fiberglass shell. In this backyard, the Sapphire Blue Gelcoat adds a vibrant pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic setting.

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Customization doesn’t end with shape and color! You can elevate your poolscape with a hot tub, waterline tile, tanning ledge, or water feature to create a one-of-a-kind swimming experience. It’s difficult to single out just one element as this project’s main attraction, but the spa is a definite contender. Unilock’s SienaEdge steps create a dramatic ascent into the Royal Spillover jacuzzi. For days when a soak in the sauna just isn’t enough, the soothing sounds of waterfall cascades and deck jets will take relaxation to the next level.

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Pool season may be limited, but covered structure season knows no bounds. Not only does this modernized cabana earn major style points, but it also offers ultimate privacy and weather protection. With a ceiling fan, recessed lighting, barbecue range, dishwasher, sink, built-in trash bin, and stainless steel cabinetry, this outdoor kitchen is fully equipped to produce culinary excellence (but we’ll settle for some killer hot dogs).

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The s’mores lounge sits just behind the barside dining area. Here, cozy seating surrounds a swanky U-Cara fireplace done in the same Granite Fusion shade as the kitchen. The hearth sits between two cubbies that conceal any controls and can be used to store firewood or display seasonal decorations. Fire bowls were the only mantelpiece striking enough for such a setup. On top of adding a touch of drama, their organic shape, and natural texture also soften the fireplace’s harsh geometry.

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This hardscape covers a large area and is segmented into distinct zones. When poorly executed, that combo can make a design feel disjointed and awkward. Utilizing the same flooring throughout is a seemingly minor decision that largely eradicates those risks. The concrete serves as a unifying feature, fusing the lot’s many spaces and elements into one cohesive environment. The shape of the patio is significant as well. The far edge was designed to flow with the home’s architecture, and we mirrored that contour on the opposite end of the deck. This bump-out adds visual intrigue, both by creating an interesting perimeter and emphasizing the hot tub steps. The resulting symmetry complements the space’s contemporary stylization.

All-Inclusive Outdoor Entertainment

All in all, this backyard has every luxury you could ask for. Better yet, it’s functional year-round! Come snowstorms or sweltering heat, this Olathe family can enjoy the outdoors whenever they please. What transformation is in store for your yard? Give us a call at 816-608-8870 or visit our website to find out. Big or small, our team has the necessary skill and experience to bring your outdoor entertainment living dreams to life!

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