Appointment Questions

Will I talk to a live person when I call your office?

Yes, we have a full time client relations representative that will answer the phone and schedule your design meeting. You may also fill out an appointment form on our website, and we will reach out to you.

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Our office staff will not be able to quote you over the phone. However, they can take down your project information and connect you with a manager for an email estimate!

How long will it take to get an appointment with a designer?

With the exception of our peak times, we can typically schedule design consultations within a month of initial contact. When the appointment queue exceeds 30 days, clients can add their name to a priority list to be bumped up in the event of any cancellations.

Do I need to be at there with the designer during the initial meeting?

Yes, it is imperative that you are home for the initial consultation. During this appointment, your designer will work with you to draft your design, establish a budget, measure your space, and discuss preliminary numbers.

How long does the initial design meeting take?

We have blocked out 60 minutes for the designer to familiarize themselves with your project goals and budget. However, if you are eager to get started or enjoy being involved in the process, they can design with you for 2-3 hours!

On-Site Questions

Can you install projects in phases?

Yes! We can divide projects into phases and install elements incrementally. For those wanting to install their complete scope of work in one go, we do offer long-term, low interest financing plans.

What kind of financing do you offer?

We offer multiple financing options including long-term, low-interest, zero interest, and same-as-cash loans. Check out the “Financing” page on our website beneath the “About Us” tab to learn more about our preferred lenders and their rates.

How thick are the foundations you prepare for patios and driveways?

All of our paver bases are 6″ thick. We compact the gravel in 2″ lifts to ensure that our foundations are solid enough to prevent settling, but not so dense as to impede water filtration.

What is the cost difference between gas fire features vs wood-burning?

Gas fire features, on average, are $2,000 – $3,000 more expensive than wood-burning elements. The additional cost goes towards contracting a plumber to extend the gas line, installing the burner and valve, and purchasing lava rock or glass fill.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on your hardscape work?

We offer a one year warranty on all of our hardscaping elements and paver patios. Should any complications arise during this time, please let us know. We care about the longevity of your project.

How long will it take you to get a drawing/plan and proposal back to me?

You designer will schedule a follow-up meeting to present your proposal within seven business days. For bids that include subcontracted labor or materials, it may take up to two weeks to obtain accurate pricing.

How soon can you start? Is there any way to get bumped up in your construction schedule?

A good baseline for the start of construction is 4-6 months out from your deposit date. The schedule fluctuates throughout the year, with the off-season being the best time to sign up. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. The construction queue only shortens in the rare event of job cancellations, so it’s always a good idea to begin planning as soon as possible!

Material Selection Questions

What pavers can I choose from?

Your designer will guide you through our paver options once your scope of work has been finalized. Some variations of Belgard and Unilock’s products aren’t available in our region, so make sure to consult us on any materials that aren’t pictured in our Flooring or Element Guides.

Do you have a showroom with examples that I can see?

Once you’ve narrowed down your material selections, your designer will direct you to where you can view samples in person. Depending on the products you’re interested in, examples may be on display in our office, at SiteOne Landscape Supply, Kansas Granite Mart, Complete Home Concepts, or KC Deck Supply.

Do you have any representative projects nearby that I can see?

The majority of our projects are completed at private residences, so visiting them often isn’t an option. However, potential clients are welcome to come see our owner’s backyard. It is close to the airport and can be viewed anytime, upon request. Of course, photos of our work are always available on our website and social media accounts!

What color combinations do you recommend? What looks the best?

Your designer will assist with color selections and recommend products based on the function of your space. Having a few reference images to show them can be very helpful, especially if you’re wanting to achieve a certain look or style. Our online portfolio, material guides, and Belgard and Unilock’s websites are great resources for project inspiration.

I have paid my deposit, when will my project start construction? How can I track that?

You’ll be added to our construction queue as soon as your deposit is processed. At that time, we’ll give you an estimated start date based on the current status of production. 100% of our work is completed outdoors, so the weather greatly affects the rate at which our schedule progresses. We will keep you updated on any changes or delays to the queue, up until you’re notified with your official start date, two weeks prior to construction.

Construction Process Questions

What do I need to do prior to you starting?

We’ll let you know if your project requires any preparatory actions. These may include receiving approval from your HOA, making appointments with an electrician or plumber, locating private utilities, or reconfiguring your sprinkler system. Otherwise, just let us know if there are any special instructions we should follow while on site.

Who will be on site during construction to lay things out and oversee the crew?

Each crew has a foreman that leads installation and our project manager will stop by periodically to ensure that everything is progressing according to plan. If you’re interested in learning more about our crews, check out the “Meet the Team” page on our website!

Do I need to call in utility locates?

No. We will call in public utilities as your project’s start date approaches.

Do I need to mark my private utilities?

Yes. You will be responsible for marking all private utilities (the lines that remain after the public utility company has located your property). These may include electrical, irrigation, gas, sewer, or cable lines. Hinkle Hardscapes will not be liable for any underground utilities that are left unmarked.

What happens if you hit a line?

If we hit an unmarked public line, the utility company will assume responsibility. In the event that we contact a line that was located, public or private, then we will be accountable. The homeowner will be liable for the damage of any private utilities that weren’t marked.

Will there be damage to my yard after the construction process is completed?

We lay plywood pathways on every job to prevent our loaders from tearing ruts in the soil. Our clients appreciate the extra effort we put into protecting their lawns, so we’ve made it a priority to limit turf damage as much as possible.

Where will you leave the big dumpster?

If your project requires excavation or the removal of existing hardscapes, we’ll have to place a dumpster in your driveway. We will lay down plywood sheets here as well so the wheels don’t scratch your concrete.

What happens if you crack my driveway or sidewalk?

Hinkle Hardscapes will not be responsible for any cracks that result from our equipment. Installing new hardscapes in a timely manner requires heavy machinery. Cracking is by no means a common occurrence, but we want clients to be aware that it is a possibility given the nature of our work.

Do I need to be home during construction?

No, you do not need to be home during your project installation. All of our employees have been confirmed for employment eligibility, and have passed background checks and drug tests.

What if I see something that doesn’t quite look like the plan we agreed on? Who do I talk to?

Don’t hesitate to contact your designer with any questions or concerns that arise throughout the construction process.

How long will construction take?

Your designer will discuss potential project duration with you during the planning phase. We’ll be able to provide a more accurate timeline once your scope of work is finalized and your job is added to the construction queue.

Will you do a walkthrough after you are done?

Yes, our project manager will complete a final walkthrough following construction. Homeowners are welcome to join if they’re available.

Will I have payments due before my final payment?

Yes. A 25% deposit is required to join our queue. The second 25% payment will be withdrawn on the day we begin construction. If your project lasts longer than ten business days, a third 25% will be due around the halfway point. Then, the final balance is paid upon completion.