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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Hardscape Contractor

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Hardscape Contractor


Have you finally settled on a vision and budget for your backyard retreat? The next logical step is hiring a contractor who can make your dream for your backyard space a reality. It is important to carefully choose a trustworthy and experienced contractor; accidentally hiring someone who is unreliable or inexperienced could cost you more money and more time in the future. Choosing the perfect hardscaping contractor for the job doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, knowing the right questions to ask will make the process simple and hassle-free.

How to find the perfect hardscape contractor:

  1. Find a contractor who has hardscaping certifications. Hardscaping is a specialized industry which requires additional training. Never hire a contractor who hasn’t been formally trained to complete your hardscaping project. Just because the company does landscaping doesn’t mean they can handle your hardscape project. The team at Hinkle Hardscapes has various specialized certifications including training from Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and the Pave Tech Advanced Paver Installation Course.
  1. Find a contractor who can provide proof of insurance. If there is an accident or mistake made on your property, the financial and legal consequences could fall back on you. Because of this, it is very important to hire a hardscaping contractor who is fully insured. General liability insurance will cover costs of repairs or replacement of anything in your home damaged because of a mistake made by the contractor. Worker compensation insurance is used to cover medical bills and lost wages if the contractor’s employees are injured while working on your backyard.
  1. Always require a written estimate and contract. Never assume a verbal agreement is enough to guarantee you and your contractor are on the same page concerning the cost and plan for the work being performed in your backyard. A written contract will protect you and your contractor from the consequences of a miscommunication and plays a big role in making sure you are satisfied with the end result of the job.
  1. Always review customer references. The most accurate picture of a contractor’s abilities and work ethic is their experience working with other homeowners in your area. Before you sign a contract, ask them to provide at least three references from past jobs. Additionally, remember some contractors will provide you with positive references and hold back negative feedback, hoping to skew your perception of the quality of their work. Because of this, it is crucial to do some digging on your own by reading online reviews or seeking out word-of-mouth feedback on a specific company. Google+, Facebook, and Angie’s List are a good source of reviews.
  1. Hire a contractor who guarantees their work. If damage occurs to your hardscaping make-over as the result of contractor mistake or faulty material, you should not to be held responsible for the cost of repair. Because of this, we all suggest you hire a contractor who will guarantee their work up to a year after the project is completed.

The team members at Hinkle Hardscapes are highly trained in the specialized skills needed to transform your ho-hum backyard into a beautiful oasis. To schedule an initial design visit, click hereor call 816.608.8870.

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