Retaining Walls

Retaining walls designed and installed by Hinkle Hardscapes will perform well while being aesthetically pleasing and increasing the usability of your yard. Our professional design team has been certified through the National Concrete & Masonry Association’s (NCMA) Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Certification Program. We offer a variety of different materials used in all different applications.

Whether we are designing a large engineered retainer, helping you to terrace your backyard or just installing a garden wall – we have the experience and knowledge to design a wall to fit your needs.

kansas city retaining walls

Hinkle Hardscapes takes pride in the installation of our retaining walls. All of our walls are built to the National Concrete & Masonry Association’s standards. Our supervisors and laborers have taken the SRW certification course and our supervisors have been trained and certified by Pave Tech through their advanced fundamentals of Segmental Retaining Walls certification Program. We build retaining walls that will perform in any soil, at any height and be aesthetically pleasing.

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